TOR guideline - Indigenous cultural heritage

EIS information guideline  Indigenous cultural heritage
Undertake research/studies as required under the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (ACH Act) and describe
impacts on Indigenous cultural heritage, taking into account the practices and procedures that would be used to
avoid or minimise impacts. Unless an exemption applies under section 86 of the ACH Act, a cultural heritage
management plan must be prepared in accordance with Part 7 of the ACH Act.
The assessment should identify specific opportunities for Indigenous persons to capture the economic benefits of
the project, including:
 strategies for ensuring Indigenous businesses receive full, fair and reasonable opportunity to tender for work
throughout the life of the project through adopting policies such as the Queensland Resources and Energy
Sector Code of Practice for Local Content administered by Queensland Resources Council
 employment strategies for local Indigenous residents
 through the development of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Action Plan, identify and support training,
apprenticeship, cadetships and employment opportunities including fly in/fly out options for Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people across Queensland.
The gazetted Cultural Heritage Management Plan Guidelines may assist in
the development of the CHMP.