Aboriginal Day of Mourning power point

• The Day of Mourning was a Protest.
• It was held by Aboriginal Australians.
• Held on 26th January 1938.
• The reason behind the protest was 150 years of callous
treatment and the seizure of land.
• The organisers plan was to make it such a strong message
that it would compare to Australia Day celebrations.
• Organised by Australian
Aborigines League (AAL).
• Held in Victoria and led by
William Cooper.
• Held in NSW and led by Jack
Pattern and the Aborigines
Progressive Association.
• Sydney march began at Sydney
Town Hall.
• After march, there was a
congress inside, of which only
1,000 people were allowed to
• Significant because new laws on:
 Care of Aboriginals
 Education
 Raised to full citizen status
 Equality within the community
• These new policies and laws that
were made, created one of the
most significant events in
Aboriginal History.
• Gave back part of the life that
was stolen from them.
• Government planned to re-enact
the Port Jackson landings in order
to celebrate.
• Aboriginal Political Organisations
refused to take part.
• Due to this refusal, the
government took a group of
Aboriginal men from a reserve
and made them run up the beach.
• This made it look like they were
running from fear of the British.
• Re-enactments attracted heavy
criticism from protesters.