Postdoc – Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique

ELOP AS are developing and will market and sell three-dimensional ultrasound-based imaging systems for nondestructive inspection (NDI). The company, which is located in the Hamar region, will develop a unique low frequency
ultrasound technology (patent pending) and work with leading technology institutes, companies and customers in Norway
and abroad. The basic technology supported by “Det Regionale Forskningsfond Innlandet” and Innovation Norway, is unique
in a global context, and by building a well functioning organization Elop will form the foundation for future success. To
participate in this exciting development we are seeking postdoctoral for a 2-year commitment, but with the possibility of
subsequent permanent employment.
Postdoc – Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique.
The position connected to the project ” low frequency transducers and instrumentation for NDI of solid
materials” will apply synthetic aperture focusing technique (SAFT) to improve resolution, signal to noise ratio,
and image quality of the ultrasonic imaging system. We are looking for a highly motivated candidate who like to
work in a team and participate in research and development. The candidate must have a PhD degree and should
be able to document expertise in terms of publications and/or work experience, within one or preferable more of
the following fields:
Imaging based on SAFT or equivalent knowledge from synthetic aperture radar/sonar.
Processing and visualisation of data generated by multichannel ultrasonic systems
Imaging of inhomogeneous materials and/or estimation based on invers filtering.
Transducer development and/or design of transducer systems
Analogue electronics for transducer systems.
Numerical modelling of ultrasonic/radar/sonar systems
We offer an interesting position in an entrepreneur company, with salary and terms according to agreement.
The appointment is made on the basis of an overall assessment of written and oral information about the applicant's academic
background, merit and motivation to work with project issues. Applicants must have good language skills and be fluent in
English written as well as orally. Ability to collaborate, independence and personal fitness are emphasized.
Extended information about this position can be given by the CEO Terje Melandsø, tel.+47 90130226
or project manager Werner Bjerke tel. +47 97013299,
Electronic application with CV to: [email protected]