Focused Imaging Presentation

By Emily, Jeff, and Alannah
 Focused
Imaging is a method of teaching
that utilizes the child’s imaginations by
getting them to create images in their
 Motivational
 Empowering
 Structured
 Develops creativity- Learn
more effectively and
develop their creativity by
using their imaginations
No wrong answer
Opportunity to draw on what they know both
consciously and intuitively
Provides a vehicle for newly acquired information
to be stored and later retrieved with greater ease
Students are working at their own levels
Can be used for interdisciplinary connections
Imaging enhances student’s self-esteem, improves
self-expression, increases control over personal
behaviors, increases the ability to relax, and
improves listening skills
Assessment – no wrong answer makes it hard to
have a clear cut assessment
Hard to know if the students are imagining what
is assigned or if are completely off topic
This method can be hard for students who learn
best concretely
This method can be hard to make adaptations
to for students with needs
Have plenty of time to take students on the
journey, or else they will find the experience
Steps to Implementation
Giving detailed overview of how this will be
different from other lessons, and how the
expectation of students will be altered
Set a calming environment to encourage
Get students to relax (i.e. a good yawn and
stretch, smiling, and take 1-3 deep breaths)
Describe to them to focus they are to imagine,
use as many senses as possible (smell, see, hear,
touch, taste)
Develop an activity for students to demonstrate
their understanding and express their individual
Assessing Student Learning
 Discuss
that the students body language will
be monitored to make sure students are
engaged in the image they are creating
 The teacher will examine the students’ work
after the imagining and mark it based on
creativity and effort
 Journaling
 Drawings, collage, paint
 Role play, dance, mime
 Literature – poem, story, write a play
 Expressing ideas verbally
Memory Recall Activities:
Show a tray of objects and get students to list them when
tray is taken away
Class gets into partners; put one set of partners in the
hallway and get each partner to describe what the other
partner is wearing
Describing Image:
Use music to lead students on an imaging adventure
Give a description of the experience students are to go
Tell a story and get the students to visualize the images
Put out objects or images according to the topic to get
students to create their own imagined scenario
The End