Environmental Science II Final Examination Study Guide

Environmental Science II
Final Examination
Study Guide
Directions: Choose the best answer for each question. Fill in the appropriate bubble on your
1. What are the stages of the water cycle?
2. Describe what happens at each stage of the water cycle.
3. What do plants need for photosynthesis?
Identify the different gases and the percentages that make up the atmosphere.
5. Describe the process of the nitrogen cycle?
6. Where do we get Acid rain (precipitation)?
7. What are the types of pollution?
8. What is the difference between point and non-point pollution?
9. What are renewable and non renewable energy sources
10. What is the pH scale and what numbers make an acid, base( alkaline), or neutral?
11. Name the layers of atmosphere and what occurs at each level?
12. Ozone holes in the upper atmosphere are caused by?
13. Without an ozone layer humans will experience
14. The greenhouse effect is ?
15. A cloud that forms near the earth’s surface is called_______________ and is formed because of___________________________________________________________.
16. Humidity is created when ….
17. Weather and climate are different because?
18. Name the different spheres of the earth and what each controls
19. What is Biomagnification (bio-accumulation)
20. Mass is
21. Soil is created by
22. What effect does Physical (mechanical) weathering have on rock?
30. Ways to conserve soil are?
31. Plants such as cactus are considered
32. What is the source of energy for all the cycles (water, carbon, nitrogen) on earth?
33. Lake eutrophication is? How can it be stopped?
34. What are the effects of using too much pesticides on crops?
35. What are the effects of insecticides?
36. How do most mammals, fish, and aquatic organisms handle pesticides?
37. What is the EPA stands for?
38. Describe healthy soil.