Pan-SHARP - Mayo Clinic Informatics

DATE 1/20/2012
TIME 12:00 PM
via Conference Call
Pan-SHARP Project Meeting
Ricci Ryan
Alainna Talton, Jorge Herskovic, Jessica Nadler, Sue Whitehead, Dave Arney, Bernie Acs, Ross Martin,
Rachel Badinovac-Ramoni
Note: there were no members from SHARPN team who participated in this call.
Project Plan Review
The most recent iteration of the project plan was distributed prior to the call; call participants were asked to look over the pr oject plan
and make call and identify and missing or inaccurate items.
Jorge indicated that he was working on a more descriptive version of the project plan that includes greater description of
requirements; the gantt chart (attached) has been updated to reflect latest understanding of the interaction of SHARP projects
moving parts.
Discussion of the specific project tasks included questions about status and blocking of Tasks 1-6.
Tasks 1-6
Task 1-medication list requirements is nearly complete
Jorge has been talking with Josh (SHARPN) re Tasks 1, 2, and 6
Meeting on Jan. 27 will provide opportunity to work on blocking and CEM; Jorge trying to resolve blocking before the
We all need to review the clusters of activities and make sure that we have what we need in order to be able to
Jorge indicated he is making points beyond meds and med lists; Tasks 1 and 2 are being wor ked on in parallel and
Tasks 3-5 should be unblocked once CEMs completed. Jorge is most concerned about Tasks 1, 2 & 6.
Tasks 9-13
Jorge asked if the MD-PnP test data has been identified; Dave indicated that they’re trying to determine what data
can be pulled from the pumps in the lab – will be able to pull the name of the drug but will likely have summarized
data of the pump (e.g., total for last hour or day).
Jorge indicated that data will be fed in CEM format to SHARPn; Bernie indicated that formal specification was not
written rather gleaned from existing press release; 3 primary feeds; same work as on Task #5
Jessica summarized that it sounds like all Tasks are underway and moving forward; she asked to be advised as tasks are
completed or of tasks being worked in parallel
Everyone should review the project plan before meeting next week and update the status of any tasks that are underway.
Also, check the dates associated with tasks and confirm your agreement.
January 27, 2012 Pan-SHARP Medication Reconciliation Meeting
 Approximately 15 attending the meeting and all SHARP projects will be represented
 Confirmed that Dr. Fridsma will attend
 Meeting agenda (attached) was reorganized based on input from last week’s call
 Note that in the Group Updates portion of the meeting we are intending to have very short remarks from
each project (1-2 slides and 5 minutes max) to allow for longer afternoon Working Session. The Group
Updates should generate areas of focus for the afternoon Working Session.
 Desired outcomes for the meeting were solicited and included:
o Understand the full scope and working parts and discuss in detail in the afternoon session (Bernie)
o Technical folks talk about hand-offs between SHARP projects and work time for people to get
together (Rachel)
Time to work through block points that are best done in person with a good amount of time; will
need to understand any blocking points in advance of the meeting; Jorge is compiling an list of
blocking points and anticipates having the list complete early next week or possibly this
Meeting logistical points included;
o Will break out rooms be available Working Session topics are more suitable to groups of 2 -3
rather than the larger group? Jessica will look into option available.
o Confirmed those on the call has their travel and hotel plans set.
o If arriving Thursday evening and want to have dinner, let Jessica know and she will send out some