IEP: Annual Review Process - Anderson School District Five


Annual Review IEP Process

 Click Programs Tab, then ADD IEP.  Choose the appropriate IEP.  Click Create New Meeting. If there are other meetings scheduled, it may offer one of those as a choice. Choose as appropriate.  FYI- You can easily add team members at the meeting so please do not


until after the meeting.  Please give parent 2-3 chances to make a meeting (multiple & varied attempts*). Some have a difficult time arranging transportation.  Phone conferences are a


alternative.  Schedule your meeting at least 1 week prior to the IEP due date (things happen).  In the Notice of Meeting be sure you indicate the topics that will be addressed.

*Messages left on answering machines do NOT count as an attempt!

 Complete Dates Section.  Complete Consideration Section:  If behavior is an issue and check these choices, a FBA* and/or BIP will need to be completed.

*A school psychologist MUST complete the FBA process. The IEP Team, with input from the school psychologist, can complete the BIP.

 Complete PLAFF:  Please be thorough. Use objective documentation/ information.  Current grades can go here.  Complete Findings Section:  Should have multiple types of objective date for students (current grades, MAP, PASS, CBM, Progress Monitoring, etc.).  Goals can only be written for areas that are identified here.  Complete GOALS section:  If you utilize “Indirect” time, you must maintain documentation of your Indirect Services (see form entitled,

Documentation of Indirect Services).

 Complete Accommodations/Modifications section:  List all needed accommodations/modifications.  Fill out Specific Instructions to clarify (i.e.- an example:  reduced assignments statement here with clarification and specific details). Don’t use testing lingo here (300% should be explained as extended time or time and a half).  Please make sure you use Accommodations/Modifications that are based on student’s NEED and linked to PLAAFP and user friendly for the upcoming grade level (meetings about this are Great!).  Complete Services section:  This section may change soon to Direct/Indirect Services.  Complete Assessment Participation:  Please fill in ALL accommodations for District Tests (should be using them on a regular basis for instruction).  Complete LRE section:  Complete all sections and please be thorough with explanations about removal and placement.  Make sure minutes add up correctly (SLP, OT, etc.).  Complete ESY Section.  Complete PWN:  Be very specific. This should contain everything discussed and all decisions made/not made. Notes should NOT be as detailed. Put it ALL here.  Validate and correct if needed.  Finalize. Parents should leave the meeting with a copy of the finalized IEP.