To do for warm up Simulation protocol (Heike, others improve

To do for warm up
Simulation protocol
(Heike, others improve)
Provide (primarily for Dischma)
o Land use mask(s):
o What soil information for ecoregions? (Josef, Paola, Giorgio) -> Matthias
o Soil data: soil type, wet soils, field capacity, soil depth (?) (Matthias):
o Example output for spinup of LANDIS (Heike, Björn)
o Slope, aspect, altitude
o Management
(who??? Harald, Heike, Laura)
o Standard disturbance
(Heike, ???)
o Species parameters including definitions (Matthias, Laura)
o Spin-up data (1900)
(Heike, Björn)
o Comparison data
(Heike, Laura, Matthias)
Setup initialization spin up from Example output ( LANDIS) (Giorgio, Josef, Paola)
Do warm-up
Put results on server
Do evaluation
(Heike, all)
Develop ideas and tools for comparison (All)
Adapt simulation protocol
Adapt models if necessary
To do for comparison
Set up which combinations we use (not all with all) (Heike, discuss with all)
Provide (for all regions) (region responsibles)
o Coordinates probably in Geographic (Lambert equal area) or local type
o Climate Observational data 1900-2010, climate station data, (Josef, Paola, Giorgio)
 Ideally maps
 Puglia: only station data 1930 - , homogenous!!! UTM
 Giorgio: Dirk has to do downscaling of observations
o Land use mask(s)
o Past disturbances , area burnt or thrown down by wind or avalanches.
o Soil data Field capacity , soil depth
 Puglia 1 value
o Slope, aspect, altitude (Puglia 1 value)
o Management
o Standard disturbance as frequency of intensity
o Species parameters including definitions (Paola)
o COMPARISON DATA, forest composition, with information about the year(s), also
Do downscaling of observational data and RCPs (Dirk)
Think about how to include past large disturbance events
Spin-up data (1900) (heike, björn)
Do comparison simulations (ALL)
Put publications about region on server
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