P4 J C

Science Fair Project
Big Question
• My big question was, “Do plants grow better
inside or outside?”
• I wanted to know this because I wanted to
know the answer.
• My hypothesis was that the plant outside
would grow better than the plant inside.
• If they grow better outside why do people even
put some inside?
Interesting Facts about plants
Plants make oxygen.
Plants are producers.
Plants can grow flowers and fruits.
Plants use photosynthesis.
Plants aren’t green.
• Materials: Seeds, pots, water, lamp, soil.
• Steps: 1. Get the pots. 2. Put soil until half full.
3. Put 5-8 seeds in each. 4. Finish putting soil
in. 5. Put 1 inside and 1 outside. 6. Water every
1-3 days.
7 days: Nothing.
14 days: 3 sprouts in each.
21 days: 7 outside 5 inside.
28 days: 15 outside 8 inside.
35 days: 27 outside inside died.
• The plant inside was killed because of no
• The plant outside survived because of sunlight
for photosynthsis.
Analysis of Data
• Well as you can most likely tell the plant
outside was better than the plant inside.
• To wrap this up, plants are proven to grow
better outside than inside.
• www.sciencefairproject.com
• And some plants I saw outside and inside.