Helms Sports Field and Landscaping Presentation

• Project includes a full size football/soccer field,
track, one handball court, four full size
basketball courts and two small sided soccer
• Project also includes, via an agreement with the
City of San Pablo, a building pad and associated
utilities for a Community Center.
• Following the demolition of the existing
campus, a underground storage tank (UST)
was removed and all contaminated soil was
removed and disposed properly.
• In preparation of exporting extra soil, a
sample test was requested and resulted in
certain levels of contamination.
• In regard to the soil, two out of 12 samples
were tested to contain less than .25%
asbestos which is well below the “residential
limits” used for a school facility.
• Meanwhile, RGA, whom the District hired to
perform peer review of all remediation
activities, recommended that since only two
out of 12 samples had detected asbestos, it
would be prudent to retest the same area for
naturally occurring asbestos (NOA). The plan
here is to minimize the area that would fall
under the Cal-OSHA (worker protection)
requirements and possibly eliminate it if we
receive “none detected” (ND) results. These
results are expected by middle to end of next
• In regard to soil contamination, test results
indicated the existence of some low level
contaminants. Test locations are shown on
the map.
• Contaminants found were removed,
stockpiled and retested.
• Based on these results, a decision was made
to perform additional testing to determine
the whole extent of the contaminated soil,
which is under way.
• In the meantime, additional testing (with
sample taken below the bottom of the
footings) was performed within the building
pad area with location shown on the next
slide. Results have come up negative.