Health and Safety
We appreciate that some of you may have limited experience with regards to the legal and
practical aspects of health and safety management. This section is designed to give you
sufficient guidance to discharge your responsibilities. Guidance, however, can only go so far
and you have a legal duty to ensure that your operations do not compromise health and
safety. Failing to do so can lead to prosecution and other legal sanctions. If you are unsure
you are urged to contact the Operations Team ([email protected]). Please do not
leave health and safety issues to the last minute. The earlier we have your information, the
better support we can give you.
Risk Assessment
Revolution Events has carried out suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks associated
with this event. However, general risks associated with any event are as follows:
- Multiple contractors / staff working in a single workplace
- Fall from working at heights
- Objects falling from height or vehicles
- Structural collapse of seating or an exhibition stand
- Food poisoning from temporary catering points
- Fire
- Major incident / accident
- Excessive working hours
The above list is simply an overview and not a comprehensive account of potential event
risks. It is the absolute duty of all parties to ensure that under the Management of Health
and Safety at Work Regulations ( suitable and sufficient risk assessments
are conducted on all significant risks. In general terms, emphasis should be placed on
eliminating or reducing risk at source. It must be remembered that personal protection
equipment is usually a control of last resort.
Revolution Events Ltd – Health and Safety Policy
Please see below for a copy of Revolution Events’ Health and Safety policy:
It is the policy of Revolution Events Ltd to endeavour to seek the co-operation of all
concerned in order to achieve the highest standards, in all aspects of health and safety.
Revolution Events Ltd, along with each respective venue, have within the scope of their own
laid down policies to ensure that safe working practices are maintained at all times. These
include ensuring that provision is made whereby persons other than Revolution Events or
venue employees are reminded of their responsibilities whilst working at the exhibition.
Sponsors are responsible for familiarising themselves with the working practice and Health
& Safety policy of respective venues, as some issues that arise may contravene this policy.
As an Sponsor, Contractor or Agent you have a duty, under the Health and Safety At Work
Etc Act 1974, to ensure that all personnel contracted by you are aware that they have a
responsibility, so far as is reasonably practicable, for the health, safety and welfare of all
employees. That any plant or systems of work which may be used are, so far as is reasonably
practicable, safe and without risks to health. This includes that all employees are provided
with information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure not only their own health
and safety, but also that of others working or attending the vicinity.
Under the COSHH Regulations 1988 (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), exhibition
stands are considered to be a workplace. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that all
your staff and subcontractors have sufficient Health and Safety training and are provided
with the correct protective clothing and equipment to enable them to carry out their work
in a safe manner in accordance with COSHH and the Act.
You are also required to have in your possession a copy of your own Health and Safety
policy and a copy of the Health and Safety policy document of each contractor employed by
you which may be requested during the exhibition.
Here follows some of the principal areas, which need to be brought to your attention. If you
have any queries please contact Revolution Events on +44 (0)1892 820 930.
A person must be appointed who is responsible for health and safety matters on the
stand. During the build up and breakdown periods, your staff and sub-contractors
should be constantly reminded by you of the need for vigilance regarding the health and
safety of themselves and those working in the vicinity.
Smoking is prohibited on stands and at the event in general.
You must ensure that portable electric tools are used with the minimum length of
trailing leads and that such equipment is not left unattended with a live power supply to
Work areas should be maintained free from general waste and packaging materials,
which could hazard operatives.
Packing cases and other materials must not be allowed to obstruct gangways, passage
ways and fire exits and must be removed from the Exhibition Hall as soon as possible.
Nails etc must not be left protruding from any packing case or material.
Any violations or concerns regarding any of the above points should be reported to the
Organisers Office.
General Guidance Notes
1. All Exhibits must, where they are not sufficiently stable as free-standing models, be
properly secured to the floor or other structure.
2. Exhibits must be positioned so that at no time do they protrude into the gangways
(as a hazard to visitors).
3. All equipment must be guarded to the UK Health and Safety standard, which is
normal for its operation in an industrial setting.
For more information please see also:
Sponsor and Contractor Legal Duties
As a sponsor or contractor you have a legal duty for the safety of anyone who may be
affected by your actions. Ultimately it is you who are responsible for all aspects of safety on
your stand during the build up, open period and breakdown. If you contract out the
building / removing of your stand it is still ultimately you who are responsible for the actions
of your contractor(s). You can discharge you duties by:
Appointing a competent person to be responsible for health and safety on site
Carrying out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of all your activities
Obtaining risk assessments / method statements from any contractors used
Ensuring all staff / contractors understand venue health and safety rules
Ensuring all staff / contractors are familiar with the venue’s emergency procedures
Stand Designer’s Legal Duties
All stand designers have a legal duty to ensure that the stand(s) is designed to be fit for the
intended purpose, structurally sound and safe to build, use and remove without any undue
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