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Elements of Mechanical Design lecture 1
1. Word: Synthesize
Part of speech: verb
Definition: To make something by combining different things.
Example: Nearly all molecules synthesized by living organisms are optically active
2. Word: Fabricate
Part of speech: verb
Definition: To make create
Example: Never fabricate your resume because doing so is grounds for being fired for deception
3. Word: characterize
Part of speech: verb
Definition: To characterize is to describe something by its distinctive and unique features
Example: Two important traits that characterize volcanoes are explosiveness and viscosity.
4. Word: Emphasis
Part of speech: noun
Definition: special stress lay upon, or importance attached to, anything
Example: Too much emphasis is placed on traditional strategy and tactics.
5. Word: modeling
Part of speech: noun
Definition: The art or activity of making three-dimensional models
Example: Computer softwares such as AUTOCAD and Catia are usually used by designers for
6. Word: Rigorous
Part of speech: adjective
Definition: extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate
Example: Family cars outperform luxury models in rigorous new crash test
7. Word: Interaction
Part of speech: noun
Definition: a mutual or reciprocal action or influence
Example: Interaction with my colleagues gives a better understanding to the assignment
8. Word: Periodically
Part of speech: adjective
Definition: Mathematics. (of a function) having a graph that repeats after a fixed interval (period) of
the independent variable
Example: Rotate pots periodically so sunlight reaches all sides.
9. Word: Legible
Part of speech: adjective
Definition: capable of being read or deciphered, especially with ease, as Writing or printing; easily
readable. See more.
Example: Steps were always legible in outline and neat in execution
10. Word: Convince
Part of speech: verb
Definition: To bring by the use of argument or evidence to firm belief or a course of action.
Example: It was hard to convince people to invest in myself
11. Word: Assemble
Part of speech: verb
Definition: Fit together the separate component parts of (a machine or other object).
Example: Lego is the first toy that taught me how to assemble parts.
12. Word: Lathe
Part of speech: noun
Definition: a machine for shaping wood, metal, or other material by means of a rotating drive that
turns the piece being worked on against changeable cutting tools.
Example: I used a lathe to machine a new shaft from steel
13. Word: Bearing
Part of speech: noun
Definition: 4.a part of a machine that bears friction, especially between a rotating part and its
Example: The bearing makes many of the machines we use every day possible. Without
Bearings, we would be constantly replacing parts that wore out from friction
14. Word: Tolerances
Part of speech: Noun
Definition: Engineering tolerance is the permissible limit or limits of variation in
1. A physical dimension,
2. A measured value or physical property of a material, manufactured object, system, or service,
3. Other measured values (such as temperature, humidity, etc.).
4. In engineering and safety, a physical distance or space (tolerance), as in a truck (lorry), train or
boat under a bridge as well as a train in a tunnel (see structure gauge and loading gauge).
5. In mechanical engineering the space between a bolt and a nut or a hole, etc..
Example: Tolerances are specified to allow reasonable leeway for imperfections and inherent
variability without compromising performance
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