Dictionary Terms

Dictionary Skills Vocabulary List
Headword: The words at the top of each page. Use these words when looking for
definitions. The word on the left page is the first word on the left page. The
headword on the right page is the last word.
Entry: All the information about that word. The entry word is bold.
Definition: the meaning(s) of the word.
Numbers : After entry shows how many identical words there are. In definitions,
shows how many definitions there are.
Pronunciation: how the word sounds
Stress: which syllable is loudest
Syllable: a sound part of a word. The stress changes when syllables are added.
Parts of speech: The word’s job.
Noun (n): a person, place, thing, or idea
Adjective (adj): describes a noun
Adverb (adv): describes a verb or another adjective
Verb: (v): usually shows action and time; may show a state or feeling
Conjunction (conj) : links ideas together
Preposition (prep): shows location or time
Plural: Count nouns can be plural. [U] = Uncountable or can’t be pluralized.
[ C] = Countable
Transitive [T] = a verb which must have an object.
Example: I took a test today.
Intransitive [I] = a verb which doesn’t take an object.
The bird flew quickly.
Some verbs are transitive and intransitive, but the meaning may be different.
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