Report - National Association for Interpretation

Spring 2013 Semi-Annual Report
NAI Region 5 – The Heartland Region
Member Services
Workshops: NAI region 5 did not hold a regional workshop in 2012 due to being the host
region for the National Interpreters Workshop in 2011 at Saint Paul, MN. The 2013
workshop is taking place in Aurora, NE from April 3 – 6. The 2014 workshop is
scheduled in Rockford, IL for April of 2014. Venue selection is complete and there is a
full committee in place with the exception of a finance chair. Committee members will be
attending the NE workshop to give a short presentation on the 2014 event. Our regional
rotation calls for IA to host the workshop in 2015.
Newsletter: Our newsletter, The Buffalo Bull, has been going out regularly on schedule
thanks to Lily Jensen who remains our newsletter editor. Each issue contains a variety
of regular and timely contributions and Lily maintains a fresh look with new color themes
and art while maintaining the “Bull” look..
Web Presence: Trish Greninger remains as our web master and has kept the regional
web site up to date in a very timely fashion. The board is working to determine other
possible offerings through the web site as well as to fill in some informational gaps that
currently exist such as job descriptions for all regional positions.
Elections: Election were held at the end of 2012 for the positions of Regional Director
and Regional Treasurer. Bob Carter was elected as director and Carolyn Rock was
elected as treasurer. Both assumed office on Jan. 1, 2013.
Treasurer Reports: Projected budget is attached. Due to no workshop revenue coming
in since the 2011 regional in Manitoba, CN the picture is as incomplete as it is troubling
with projected losses but these are only estimates for the year as determined by the
former treasurer Kelly Joslin. A revised budget will be completed by new treasurer
Carolyn Rock once the final tally from the 2013 NE workshop is determined. Both the
board and the fundraising chair, Lewis Major, have been exploring new fundraising
opportunities and revisiting some old ones as well. Despite the overall lack of income
since the last regional workshop the regional remains financially viable if not as robust
as I would like to see it.
Strategic Plan: Board turnover in the past 2 years has resulted in a stalled strategic
plan update which is now being addressed by the current, complete board.
Regional Policies and Procedures Manuals: Dialog has begun regarding updating the
policies and procedures to align with the new national by-laws, standardize some
language, and to include some items previously missing such as one of the regional
awards that was intended to mirror the NAI President’s Award.
Executive Board and Leadership Council: Region 5 currently has a complete board and
has a nearly complete Leadership Council. Efforts to recruit Manitoba, Wisconsin, and
Nebraska representatives.