PBIS website - Marquardt School District 15

A Parent's Guide to PBIS
The Marquardt School District wants to provide a safe and positive learning
environment for students, teachers and staff through the implementation of
Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) System. In addition, we want
to reduce behavior problems that interfere with student learning. PBIS is a
school-wide system that will help improve consistency in expected behaviors,
resulting in students being ready and prepared to learn.
What is PBIS?
PBIS is a data-driven, proactive systems approach for establishing the
behavioral supports and social environment needed for all students in a school
to achieve social, emotional, and academic success. PBIS addresses the social-emotional side of the
Response to Intervention (RtI) pyramid.
Marquardt School District Expectations
Tier 1: Core behavior expectations are taught, modeled, and reinforced by all staff in all school
settings. This should meet the needs of about 80% of the student population.
Tier 2: Supplemental interventions for small groups of students not meeting behavioral
expectations. These interventions should meet the needs of 15% of the student population.
Examples: Check-in Check-Out, Social Academic Intervention Groups (SAIG), Mentoring
Tier 3: Customized interventions for individual students not meeting behavioral expectations.
These interventions should meet the needs of 5% of the student population.
Tier 1 Universal Practice of PBIS (Green level)
3 school-wide behaviors-Be Respectful, Be Responsible,
Be Safe
Rules show what the expectations look like across all
settings (Classroom, hallway, bus, etc.)
Cool Tools explicatively teach what is expected
Staff provide in the moment reminders to reinforce
Adults model what they teach
Students practice what is taught
Recognition tickets
Celebrations are planned based off data
Restate the expectations using a different strategy
Utilize data to plan targeted reboots when needed
Tier 2 Secondary Interventions (Yellow Level)
Check-in Check-Out (CICO)
Individualized Check-in Check Out (CICO)
Social Academic Instructional Groups (SAIG)
How will PBIS be implemented in the Marquardt School District?
Behaviors will be taught just like academic skills are taught. Our focus is to build a positive environment in
our schools and classrooms. In order for PBIS to be successful, verbal feedback and visual models are
key. Students will be explicitly taught expectations in all different settings so they have a specific model of
what their behavior should look like in each area. Positive reinforcement will also be utilized on a regular
basis to encourage appropriate behavior.
What can I as a parent do to help with PBIS?
Review the behavior expectations with your child
Ensure that your child is well rested and on time for each school day
Ask your child about what he or she learned at school each day
Encourage your child to do his/her homework and keep up with his/her classes
Stay in contact with your child's teacher(s)
Encourage your child to use proper language and tone
Practice polite phrases like "Thank you," "Please," and "Excuse me"
Incorporate Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe into your family rules
Be involved with the school. Attend school functions and activities when possible.