Teacher Instructions Example

Hamilton PBIS Level 2
Check-In/Check Out:
 All teaching staff will be involved in this process.
 Students will be identified based on attendance or if a student is a behavioral reassignment student. Students with
70-85% attendance will be targeted in order to improve their attendance rate to 95%.
 Students who are identified will have a passive consent letter sent home.
 Identified students will meet with the school psychologist to go over the process and sign a commitment letter.
 Staff will be informed by e-mail which students has been chosen for PBIS CI/CO.
 Staff will be given a weekly PBIS CI/CO point form (weekly progress report) for students with the numbers 1, 2, or 3
on it, there will be three columns which correspond to the PBIS expectations. If a student does not meet any aspect
of an expectation they will get a ‘1’ meaning “keep trying”. A ‘2’ means “good job”, they did well at meeting some
expectations, and ‘3’ means that did a great job meeting all expectations. Some students may not meet any
expectations due to behavior or actions; those students must still receive a score. There are no ‘0’s’ allowed and all
sections must be scored.
 It is expected that you will meet briefly with students at the beginning of class to check in—for instance greet student
and make sure they are prepared for class.
 At the end of class it is expected you will check out with the student. To check out you should go over student’s
class performance and give positive and/or constructive feedback and then give a score for each section- sharing that
score with the student.
 Every day the students first period teacher should meet with the student and have a more in depth check in to ensure
the student is mentally and physically prepared for the day (i.e. they are not holding on to “drama’ of last night or
earlier in the day and they have supplies, etc). If a student is distressed by a situation (for instance a fight on the bus,
someone getting beat up last night, male/female drama etc), then please refer them to appropriate staff (Guidance
Counselor, Violence Free Zone, School psychologist, School Social Worker, AP).
 On Monday first block teacher also should talk with the student to set the weekly goal. (How many points will they
attempt to get out of 450?). Student should be given their point sheet and write their goal on that sheet. (Student will
keep track of their total points each class on this sheet for their own information and to help them their goal in mind).
Teachers should encourage a higher point goal each week. FYI- 405 points is 90%.
 Every day the last block teacher should have more in depth check out conversation with student before they leave to
ensure a smooth transition home.
 Completed forms must be turned in weekly on Friday to Mr. Frank’s mailbox (School psychologist) for data entry
 Students will stay in CI/CO for 6 weeks. If they are successful they will exit the intervention. If they are
unsuccessful they will be referred to a SAIG (Social Academic Instructional Group) or be referred to the RENEW
process (which is a more intensive intervention).
***** PBIS is a positive intervention designed to teach students appropriate school behavior. Staff help guide and
support this process and are crucial to the success of this initiative. Students not meeting expectations should
be encouraged, supported and taught proper behavior. (It is not helpful to punish, shame or ridicule students
who are not meeting expectations). Students are supposed to learn appropriate behaviors through staff
guidance and support. Thank you for helping our students learn how to succeed.
Go Wildcats!
I ____________________________(print staff members name) agree to the above criteria and agree to follow the district and
school mandates as it relates to PBIS.
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