PBIS Vocabulary - BrookeBushongLearningPortfolio

 Rather
than telling students what NOT to do,
PBIS focuses on desired behaviors.
 PBIS schools use a school wide approach to
encourage positive behavior from everyone.
 The
way students conduct themselves toward
 PBIS students are reminded that their actions
toward themselves and other affect the
whole community.
 is
the action taken to improve a situation.
 PBIS schools believe that behavior, just like
knowledge, is learned. Students are not
punished because they have not been able to
learn their math facts. The system provides
support so the students may learn positive
behavior and be successful members of their
 The
collaborative initiative to provide
encouragement, comfort and assistance to
students and faculty who need it.
 Regard
for the feelings, wishes, rights, or
traditions of others and yourself.
 Academic
and behavior targets that are
endorsed and emphasized by students,
families, and educators.
 Events
that occur prior to behavior and serve
as a trigger for problem behavior.
 Interventions
and strategies that are
evidence based.
 Information
that is used to identify status,
need for change, and effects of
 Supports
that are needed to enable the
accurate and durable implementation of the
practices of PBIS.
The set of strategies used to ensure a
productive, harmonious learning environment
 The
ways teachers structure time, space,
and classroom interactions to promote
Any action taken by the teacher to directly
control student behavior
A form of discipline entailing either withdrawing
a privilege or subjecting the student to
unpleasant consequences.
The shared values, beliefs, and ways of knowing
and living of a group