11th Grade Bible Quiz Study Guide
What is theology? What two Greek words make up the word “theology?”
Do other religions study theology?
What are the two main types of answers we can use to prove a deity or higher
power exists?
Quickly explain those two answers:
Can other religions share apologetic arguments and materials with one another?
What are the three main categories of rational arguments that may be used to
prove the existence of a god/deity/higher power?
(Christians use them to prove
the existence of YHWH)
 Be familiar with all three, but choose one to write about in a short answer
essay question.
Why do we study these (the 3 mentioned above) rational arguments? How to
they help the unbeliever and the believer?
What is a stronghold? How is 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 using that imagery to explain
a truth about the human condition?