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Professor Godfrey
Part 1 “Top Two”
When in class learning about how Christianity is such a new religion and it hasn’t been
along much had me thinking a lot about the fact that for it being fairly new. There is a lot of
people who claim to know all of about it. However that cant possibly be the case. The idea that
its only been around for 2022 years is quite mindboggling as the earth itself has been around for
so much longer than that. I think when you get into the technical of the earth being created and
ignoring how it was. But rather how long ago it was created you begin to start a discussion on
how much of a baby Christianity is as a whole. I think the idea of theology and the class as a
whole is very interesting as it touches on the history of religion and less of what the religions
actually entitle like bible verses etc.
Another thing to touch on what we were talking about in class some ideas that go through
my head when discussing Christianity and religion. Its quite interesting at how people so “easily”
follow things almost blindly? It might sound ignorant but just the idea that millions of people and
even billions follow different religions but have no idea if they are real or not besides here say.
My opinion on the matter is that we want to believe something is there at the end of our lives so
that’s why there is a heaven and hell. The older we get the more fear we get subconsciously as
we know we are running out of time eventually and we want there to be more to life then just
becoming ash. I don’t consider myself a believer a particular religion however I do believe there
is something out there but what that something might be I have no idea.
Part 2 “Case in Point”
I’d like to get an A in the class, However due to how I am and being more realistic with
myself I would be okay with a high 80. It takes effort to achieve it showing up and just doing
things half effort wont get me to that grade that I want. However I do plan to invest more than
enough time in specific readings and try to associate things in the real world or things I do
everyday to class discussions or topics we are learning. I don’t have the slightest clue or
knowledge when it comes to Theology this is the first time I’ve ever taken the class let alone
found out what the world Theology stems from and means. It is definitely interesting and you
don’t need to be catholic or Christian to understand the subject matter because its more of a
history class than anything else.
Personally I haven’t volunteered enough in class however when we do group talks or talk
to people around us. I have more than enough to share with those around us. I tend to just let
others take the spotlight when it comes to participating in class as I just learn better as I soak in
the information. I do have some interesting things to share with my classmates as its easier to
talk to them when there’s more going on and everyone is talking rather than being the only
person talking. I think that’s where my thought process is when it comes to class volunteering.
Excluding the verbal contributing out loud. I contribute to the conversation or bring up topics
that get us into a back and forth discussion to get my classmates opinions on specific matters that
I find interesting about the things we are learning. Such as the religion thing being 2022 years
old like I stated earlier.
The notes I have taken are going to be beneficial come tests and exams because they are
dated and categorized appropriately. You gave us hints that this is a good idea to do because of
how you do your exams. So I have made sure to date and have subtitles to each topic that we are
discussing so things don’t just get jumbled and its just paragraphs of information but rather
topics and then definitions or important matter for each. Everything is easily accessible if I
needed to find stuff on the first or second day of class I would just go check the dates and line
them up with the correct pages and go from there. I have gone above my other classes when it
comes to note taking for this class in particular because of how important you made dating each
day for the information that we learn.
Part 3 “Conceptualizing & Intellectualizing”
The difference between religion and theology to me is that. Theology is the history of
religion its meant to inform us on how it originated and why its important to some and not to all.
Its to give us insight on the details and information of the beginning of different religions and
beliefs. Beliefs are important in Theology as its how religions are followed they are believing in
something. This differs from religion because religion is the act of believing in something itself
theology is not that. Its only to inform us and give us background information on why its around
and or why people follow it. Its more of the history of religion rather than actually trying to be
religion itself. One is the act of believing while the other is the information on the act of a
specific religion. Theology isn’t tied to any specific religion either its information and experience
on any.
Its important to know where something stems from regardless of what it is about. The
information and details leading up to things and events happening are just as important as
experiencing them itself and, because you are unable to experience it firsthand that doesn’t mean
you cant understand and try to feel the experience through other ways such as learning the
information and the background regarding it. History is super important as it gives us better
understandings of why the world works the way it does or why we do things in a particular way
now than instead of doing them like we used to. There is a lot to learn so some topics can be very
overwhelming at the start but finding something that peaks your interest when it comes to history
can be so exciting to learn and you can just indulge in all the information you soak in.