Call for Papers

Call for Papers
2016 Meeting of the
Wesleyan Philosophical Society
Thinking about the Book of Nature:
Developing a Philosophy of Science and Religion
Location: Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego
Conference Date: March 10, 2016
Proposals Due Date: October 1, 2015
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey P. Schloss, Distinguished Professor of Biology; T.B. Walker Chair of
Natural and Behavior Sciences; Director, Center for Faith, Ethics & Life Sciences; Westmont College
Conference Theme:
John Wesley said, “How small a part of this great work of God is man able to understand! But it is our
duty to contemplate what he has wrought, and to understand as much of it as we are able” (God’s
Approbation of His Works, 1782). Since Wesley wrote these words, we have been able to understand a
good deal more of God’s work in the created order, but not all of that sits comfortably with traditional
theology. In the last generation, scholarly work at the intersection of science and religion has boomed—
some of it pushing Christian theology in new directions. Christian philosophers need to think carefully
about this work. Doing so requires familiarity with both science and theology, but there are more
fundamental questions that are properly understood as philosophical.
Possible questions to be addressed include the following:
Has God provided Two Books—the world and the Word? How are these related?
What are the assumptions and methodology of the scholarly work in science and religion?
Is there a distinctively Wesleyan approach to science and religion?
What is the place of natural theology today?
What are the limits of scientific understanding?
Should scientists adopt methodological naturalism?
Is panentheism within the parameters of orthodox theology?
How should we understand divine action and miracles?
Can human uniqueness or the imago dei be maintained in the light of contemporary science?
Does evolution force us to abandon essentialism of species?
What are the most promising approaches for dealing with the problem of natural evil?
We will also consider submissions on any philosophical issue, with priority given to those dealing with
the selected theme. Please submit proposals of 250-500 words, the title of the abstract, along with
name, position, and institutional affiliation (if applicable) to Brint Montgomery at [email protected] by
October 1, 2015. The proposal should be sent as an email attachment in Microsoft Word format. Each
proposal will undergo a double-blind peer review process. Please check the WPS website updates for
hotel and meeting site information at: