spanish classroom expectations and policies-

Instructor: Sra. Johnson
¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Spanish class. I am looking forwarding to working
with each of you this year and to helping make it a very successful one for
Required Classroom Materials:
Please bring a three-ring Spanish binder (one with pockets is best), text, both
workbooks, paper and pen and pencil to class daily. Failure to do so will lower
your class participation grade. Only drinking water and chewing gum are allowed.
Homework is an integral part of practice necessary in learning a second language.
Each week, homework, tests and quizzes will be posted on Infinite Campus.
1. Homework is due for full credit the day after it is assigned unless otherwise
designated (i.e.: extended projects).
2. Late homework will receive 75% credit if turned in prior to the next quiz or
test date. Late homework turned in after the next quiz or test date, but at
least three days before the end of the next quarter will receive 50% credit.
After this date, no credit will be given and will be recorded as a "0".
3 Each day of an excused absence will add one day to the due date for an
assignment . Students are responsible for finding out what they have
missed during their absence and arrange with me to make up any missed
quiz or test. Copy any notes from a fellow student upon your return.
4. Extended excused absences require students to make arrangements with me
for all make-up work either before you leave or your return day.
5. If a student has an anticipated absence, it is his/her responsibility to
do the assignment and hand it in the day of their return in order to
be prepared to continue with the class upon returning.
1. Progress and quarter grades will be determined in the following manner:
25% constructive classroom participation (use of English will lower this grade)
The use of Spanish in the classroom is essential and everyone will be expected
to use Spanish while in the classroom. Volunteering to speak in Spanish is an
integral part of the class participation grade. Each week a student will be expected
to volunteer to speak during activities.
25% homework/projects/extra credit
25% quizzes
25% tests
2. Semester grades will be determined in the following manner:
Quarter grades: 80%
Semester Exam : 20%
Note: semester exams are cumulative.
3. The following high school grading scale on Infinite Campus will be used to
assign letter grades:
A 94-100 B+ 87-89 C+ 77-79 D+ 67-69 F 0-59
A- 90-93
B 83-86 C 73-76 D 63-66
B- 80-82 C- 70-72 D- 60-62
Extra Credit:
There will be minimal, if any, extra credit available. It is optional and should not
be thought of as a substitute for continuous good effort. It will be available to ALL
students when given. Individual extra credit points will not be available.
Giving OR receiving information on a test or quiz shall result in a zero for that
work. Talking to another student during any test or quiz will be considered
cheating. Cooperating on a written assignment is encouraged but merely copying
another's work will result in a zero for both students.
Textbook/Workbook Replacement:
Students will be charged current replacement cost for loss or excessive damage.
A portion of current replacement cost will be charged for excessive wear and tear
or defacement. Each student will be asked to cover his/her textbook.
Study Tips:
Completion of homework when due along with about ten minutes of daily practice
and review will greatly enhance your learning. Excellent study tips along with
additional practice of concepts are found at :, World
Languages, code:jee-0003. Additional textbook resources are at the same website,
World Languages, Textbook companion site, Realidades Level 2 or 3.
Tardies: Students must be in their seats with required materials and ready to work
when the classroom bell rings or will be counted tardy. Leaving the classroom
after the bell for any reason will result in a tardy. See your Student Handbook for
the school rules regarding detentions for tardies.
Extra Help:
Please feel free to ask to meet with me individually for help. It is best to
answer questions as they appear as the learning of a language is a cumulative
process. I will be available before school at 7:45 a.m. and after school until 3:45
(on non-school meeting dates) or by appointment.
If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me at 437-2400
ext. 2179 or by e-mail
(detach along line and save above information for future reference)
My son/daughter,____________________________________________________,
and I have read, understood and accept the above Spanish Classroom Expectations
and Policies.
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