Course Title: Instructor Information: Course Description:

Course Title: Spanish II as a Foreign Language
Instructor Information: Mrs. Roberta Ortiz, Room C113, 599-8880 (ext. 5661)
Course Description: Students in Spanish II will continue to learn to speak,
understand, read, and write in Spanish. Most of this course concentrates on
additional vocabulary, grammar, and structure that are always in a cultural context.
You will be building upon the material that you learned in Spanish I. Students are
encouraged to use the Spanish language to communicate during the class period.
Textbook and Materials: Santillana Español Santillana Level 1I (textbook,
$84.00 if lost). This school year our textbooks will be on-line for the first time. In
addition, we will have a classroom set of textbooks available for students if they
need to use them. The only time a fine would be assessed to a student is if he or
she damages or loses a textbook while he or she is borrowing one during class or
For this class you will need at least one spiral notebook (for notes, vocabulary,
grammar, and daily bell ringers throughout each chapter), your laptop computer,
ear buds (for the audio exercises in your on-line textbook), dry erase markers (for
the days that we do white board activities), one box of Kleenex, paper, blue or
black pen, and/or a pencil. For projects, you will need poster board, markers,
and/or colored pencils.
Grading: The total number of points accumulated by the end of the quarter is
converted into a percentage, and a letter grade is assigned based on the grading
scale found in the student/parent handbook online.
Evaluative tools during each quarter include, but are not limited to vocabulary and
chapter tests, classroom/homework assignments that will include the use of
technology with laptop computers, workbook activities on the laptop, vocabulary,
grammar, and bell ringer notebook, conversation activities, and various projects
(i.e. research paper about a Spanish-speaking athlete). First and second semester
exams will also be given with the possibility of 1st and 3rd quarter exams.
Class Expectations:
•Treat each member of this class the way that you would like to be treated. Respect
goes a long way.
•Regular attendance and promptness to class are expected. I will enforce the
student/parent handbook policies on excessive tardiness and absenteeism.
•There is no eating in class. If we have a cultural day, food will be shared in the
•The only beverage allowed in class is a bottle of water. (This is subject to change
per PV administration).
•Come to class prepared each day. You should have your laptop, your notebook(s),
paper, a blue or black pen or pencil, and homework (if it was assigned) every day.
•You will only be given one pass per week to leave class for any reason.
Exceptions will be made when there are extenuating circumstances. Abuse of hall
passes will result in losing this privilege for the remainder of the school year.
•Missed work for an excused absence must be made up in accordance with the
number of days missed as stated in the student/parent handbook.
•Missed chapter tests/quizzes will be made up either before or after school. If there
is a conflict, visit with me.
• Late work will not be accepted for any reason unless it’s due to an excused
absence or a school/sports activity. If it’s an excused absence, the student/parent
handbook guidelines will apply. Please keep up with assignments so as not to
adversely affect each quarter/semester grade.
Academic Dishonesty:
•Students are expected to follow all policies regarding academic misconduct
outlined in the student/parent handbook. The following behaviors will result in a
grade of zero (0) on the assignment/test/quiz in question with the possibility of
parent notification:
•Copying another student’s homework or test/quiz
•Cheating on a test/quiz
•Talking during a test or quiz
•Plagiarizing (using another author’s words without giving credit to the author)
Suggestions for Success:
•Put forth effort in completing your assignments/homework as you are “practicing”
the types of activities you’ll be completing on quizzes and tests.
•See me before and/or after school if you need extra help.
•Hard work, determination, commitment, and a positive attitude will go far!