CEO Report - Lindquist Dental Clinic

Please see Dir. of Philanthropy rept. for more details and Grant pipeline sheet
C. Keith Birkenfeld Memorial Trust – received the $50,000 pledged as a top off grant from
this Trust toward our Bremerton project.
Grindstone – Susan and I met with representatives from this foundation and we have been
invited to apply for funding for their 2015 support. This is a new foundation for us.
Pierce Co. Dental Society – Committed to provide LDCC $1500 for our Uncompensated
Care Fund.
Joint Fundraising Event –Saturday, July 12, 2014 - The LeMay Family Collection
Foundation presents a “Drive-In and Dance of the Decades” friend/fundraising event to
build awareness about the needs of and to benefit Parkland-Spanaway youth in need, ages
17 through 18; Stephanie Schramm is event chair; proceeds to benefit the following event
collaborating organizations: Bethel Community Services, Franklin Pierce Youth First,
Lindquist Dental Clinic for Children (LDCC), and Pacific Lutheran University.
Madigan Foundation Benefit Breakfast – This Thursday April 24th at the Tacoma Country
and Golf Club. Check in at 7:00 a.m. Program from 7:30-8:30. If you previously informed
Atto or I that you wished to attend then you are already registered. If you would like to
attend or you no longer can attend please let me know.
Pierce Co. CDBG - $30,000 preliminarily approved for two years, totaling $60,000. Final
approval must be by the Pierce County Executive. Will update.
New Philanthropy Assistant – We now have a new full time Philanthropy Assistant to help
accomplish our Philanthropic goals!
No State Funding – There were no new dollars this year in the State Budget so we did not
receive the funding requested for Bremerton, but were strongly encouraged by both parties
and in both the House and Senate to apply again next session, which we plan to do.
Marketing – multiple activities VSG meetings for design and planning, spring break
campaigns at Bethel, Clover Park, Bremerton School Districts and through the Red Plum in
Bremerton and Tacoma, new banners, fairs, posters, flyers, annual plan development, signage, &
BOD logo shirts for the women 
Metlife/TRICARE Dental – Connected with Western Regional Director to discuss how we
could partner in regards to marketing. We were able to join in with them at Kids Fest on
JBLM so we didn’t have to pay the fee. We are working on other collaborative marketing
and outreach events on base and through the schools on base.
Metro Parks – Met with the Director of Recreation and Community Services to explore
ways we might be able to collaborate and do some joint marketing. Discussed many
possibilities and looking into developing a “pilot project” as this is able to move more
quickly in the governmental system. More to come….
Managed Health Plans - Have had several meetings with multiple Managed Health Plan
(Molina, United Health Plan of Wa..etc) providers in regards to partnering with LDCC to
share us as a resource for those sign up through their plans.
Financials – Complete financials sent to the Treasurer and Finance Comm. for review and
are available on the BOD link on the website for the rest of the BOD. Summaries sent to the
entire BOD and report to be given to the BOD by Treasurer Jim Whitacre.
Bremerton Expansion Billing issues – Continued meetings regarding this issue. There are
multiple areas that became problematic in this process. Somewhere along the line the
budget that both BGCSPS & LDCC received changed without knowledge of either agency.
This was supposed to be a community team build project at cost plus 5%. BGCSPS held the
contract and all billing for shared facility build out was supposed to go to them and they
were to then bill LDCC 15%. At a certain point FPH Construction started billing LDCC
separately for what both BGCSPS and LDCC considered core structure, but FPH no longer
considered it that way. LDCC was only to be paying separately for “finish work” such as
paint, carpet, cabinetry etc. BGCSPS still was billing LDCC the 15% when FPH was not any
longer billing the BGCSPS for LDCC’s portion and FPH was billing us separately. The long
and the short of it is that we have held payments to FPH in the amount of approximately
$85,000 and the BGCSPS owe LDCC about $80,000. There are substantial overages to the
original budget and BGCSPS is now having some contractors do comps of what they believe
the costs should have been. We will then be meeting with the owner of FPH. More to
State Audit & Henry Schein – Unfortunately when we had the state audit they found that
Henry Schein Dental Suppliers were not charging LDCC’s Parkland clinic sales tax for some
reason. We now owe the state about $80,000 in sales tax. We met with Henry Schein and
they would like to assist LDCC in recouping those costs with a rebate program. They have
suggested several things and we have countered and we are waiting to her the final
proposal. Our other suppliers, who our Clinic Director prefers working with have also made
and offer so we are weighing out all the options to help us recoup this money.
Annual Audit – Ron Moore and Associates is currently doing our annual audit.
Parkland – Continued success with Saturday openings.
Bremerton – Beginning May 1st we will be open Wednesdays and Friday. Since this is a
new clinic we are treatment heavy and our recalls are few so it is a balancing act.
In Network - Beginning May 1st we will now be in network with Delta Dental, Cigna and
Aetna. This helps us expand our reach.
Outreach –
Please see Director of Community Relations rept. for details.
Please see Michelle’s rept for more.
Paylocity – Transitioning to this HRIS/Payroll/Timekeeping system which is cost effective
ande will streamline efficiencies
Executive Committee – Met. Will send mins when received from the BOD secretary.
Finance Committee – Met and worked on development of the draft Goals and Measures of
Success for Design Element 1 of the Strategic Plan.
Strategic Planning Advance – preparation, execution and follow-up. Thank you all for a
very productive day. We have had multiple meetings since that time with various groupings
of people to work on the plan. A draft template of what has been accomplished thus far was
sent to the BOD for review. We will be working on the strategies for the BOD Design
Element at the meeting, we will also discuss the process to complete the plan.
Bylaws Update – at last BOD meeting we discussed some minor updates to the Bylaws.
There is apparently several interpretations of some of the things we discussed so we are
checking with an attorney and will then make the recommended updates for the BOD’s
Please see Director of Business Ops report.
South Sound Military and Communities Partnership – The goal is to increase
accessibility to all health services to military families. Several meetings to work on access
Ongoing regular &/ or other community meetings, fundraisers and networking –
South County Chambers after hours at PLU, Albers after hours event, Fusion, Youth Wellness
Campus meetings, staff meetings, directors meetings, providers meetings, McGavick &
Graves St. Pats event, Art for Hope for the Crystal Judson Justice Center, Rotary Auction,
Museum of Glass event, Tacoma Community House luncheon, Broadway Center for Perf.
Arts Auction, CHC luncheon, & EFN Breakfast