LDCC 2014

LDCC 2014
Financial Sustainability Accountability
1. Company-wide revenue covers all expenses (minus depreciation)
2. Each clinic is able to maintain own operational expenses (this is for front &
back staff and supplies minus depreciation)
3. Meet debt management obligations
4. Meet budget
5. Maximize our time and production with efficient “lean” expenditures
(inclusive of supplies, staffing), while maintaining quality and compliance
6. VISTA membership increases to 3 to build capacity in financially
sustainable and efficient manner; approved and filled positions
1. Raise $478,000 in 2014
2. Increase annual income contributed by individuals, businesses and
partnerships (strategic plan currently says to $200,000 by the end of 2014)
Strategies for 1 & 2
 Add full-time philanthropy assistant in 2014
 Apply for two times the amount needed in grant money for capital,
uncompensated care and dental outreach annually
 Develop major gift program focused on research and cultivation with
LDCC affiliations, i.e. existing donors, volunteers, partners, and
 Develop annual giving program including growing donor base,
prospect database, stewardship/communication plan, and bi-annual
direct mail campaign.
 Launch Naming Opportunity donor options
 Launch “Sponsor a Smile” evergreen sponsorship program
 Develop collaborative partnerships that do fundraising for LDCC (ie:
golf tournaments, raise the paddles, day at the Rainiers, etc.)
Community Image Branding & Marketing
1. Develop and implement a marketing plan for 2014
2. Top three priorities – Parkland, Bremerton and Military
3. Advertising campaigns – utilize VSG to evaluate most successful “how
4. Maintain a two way communication plan with VSG & LDCC; internal
marketing communications plan; monthly updates of what is happening;
updated plan communicated monthly; Facebook “how to” for increased
5. ROI on marketing strategies
6. Complete and maintain new website
7. Expand social media presence
8. Establish newsletter calendar, objectives, audience, and 2-way process
with VSG & LDCC
Expansions Collaboration Accessibility
1. Build new and strengthen current partners and collaborations
 Bremerton Outreach Community Position
 ½ time Bremerton community person;
 Staff member @ 0.2+ FTE;
 VISTA capacity builder
 Build and strengthen non-traditional partnerships (eg. Food banks,
YMCA, faith-based community; library, child care providers; meal site;
neighborhood businesses/vendors to create event)
 Collaborations at our clinics (eg. Shred trucks for community, Costco,
 Strengthen existing Boys & Girls Clubs partnership
 Build upon military and communities partnership
 Identify and cultivate possible local oral health Heroes
 Utilize BOD connections
2. Maximize Accessibility
 Analyze/explore expanded hours
 Expansion of school-based program
 Complete visibility improvement/signage for Bremerton
3. Build and strengthen volunteer program
 VISTA member “Volunteer Coordinator” approved/placed
 Utilize volunteers for events
 Utilize BOD connections
1. Increase utilization of sphere of influence of BOD members
2. Increase BOD members as appropriate to needs of BOD composition as
determined by the BOD
3. BOD to determine more……
Organizational Structure & Continuity
1. Implement internal Quality Assurance process to include
research/completion/implantation of internal policies, procedures and
established schedule for evaluative processes
2. Increase staff development for maximum productivity and LDCC
3. Continuity Ops Plan (Emergency preparedness; working on Biz Ops plan;
Succession Plan; LDCC BOD Officer transition & documentation
4. Volunteer Program completely documented
5. Update and execute facility maintenance plan
6. Update and implementation of performance evaluation program.
7. Strategies could include timely reviews, continual feedback, etc.
8. Preparation of expansion of school based outreach in Fall of 2014
 Outreach processes completely documented
1. Compliance
 Email encryption capability
 HIPAA Compliance
2. Maximize utilization of existing software
 Research paperless input for Dentrix
 Employee tech training; train/incorporate staff into e-Tap contact
 Enhance credit card processing capability
 Maintaining proper license counts
 Completion of a Community Assessment (to identify access
barriers/room for access improvement)
 Reporting Program completely documented (may depend on VISTA
member approval/placement)
3. New Efficiency
 Computer upgrades operating; software; hardware
 Finish planned network upgrade
 Technology (equipment) employed to maximize efficiency
o Sealant machine; curing light; etc…plan (may not need until
early 2015)
4. Network Upgrade
 Report creation
 Research centralized HRI/payroll/financial Systems
 Reminder software/texting; patient communication tools
 New ScanX machine for So. Tacoma
 Network functioning at acceptable performance
 Upgrades as needed for machines an operating systems (for example
XP will no longer be supported, we will need to start transitioning away
from XP and upgrading all of our machines that are still XP)