Greenwich Homecoming, November, 2013

Greenwich Homecoming Huge Success
This past week, Greenwich High School had their annual homecoming week. This week
was capped off by the Greenwich football team beating Fairfield Warde 42-7. Overall
this week was extremely exciting and was extremely successful.
The first day of homecoming was Breast Cancer Awareness day. As you walked
into to GHS, the halls were filled with different shades of pink. Also almost every student
and staff member had something pink on. This was the largest display for cancer
awareness this reporter has ever seen. Also the Cancer awareness club went around
selling the trademark pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness for only 25 cents. Any
small contribution to the cause will help in the long run.
Tuesday was turndown Tuesday, also known as pajama day. The entire senior
class was decorated in all sorts of different pajama types. Some kids just worn the
classic pajama bottoms, others wore night robes among other things. Some students
took this day to the extreme and wore all out footie pajamas! We saw different red,
blue, and even American flag footie pajamas. This day was fun filled, relaxing and also
very successful.
Wednesday was we are one Wednesday. This year at Greenwich High School,
anti bullying has been an extremely big movement. Many different clubs and
organizations have gotten involved with the movement. Even the club GHS Connections
was founded due to anti bullying campaign. All students wore Tie-dye clothes and really
came together. They put tables in the middle of the grand student center and
encouraged each kid to sit somewhere different. On this day, I felt like the entire school
was unified and together.
Thursday was too many kids the most exciting day, Senior Dress up Day. All of
the seniors dressed up in wacky costumes and ran around school having fun all day long.
There were pandas, food, inflatable fat suits, Storm troopers and even a group of girls
making fun of the MISA project going on in the parking lot. All of the underclassmen
where amazed at some of the performances that were put on throughout the day.
These performances ranged from a preacher preaching on the steps, the storm trooper
brigade leading Darth Vader around, and what was considered the most popular the fat
suit races. I am extremely proud to say that I was a part of the fat suit races and it was
so much fun.
The last day of the week was Red and White Friday. On this day all of the school
dressed up in the school colors and showed extreme school spirit. The senior class
however did a black out and wore all black all day. At the end of the day a pep rally was
held in the middle of the student center and a bon fire was held at night. The entire
school was ready for the big game on Saturday.
Saturday was the classic end to the homecoming week. There was the parade in
the morning and the game in the afternoon. The game was highlighted by Junior Austin
Longi scoring four touchdowns leading the cardinals to a 42-7 victory.