Everyday Life in the 1800`s

Everyday Life in the
They would have to
make all of their food.
They would eat deer,
fruits, vegetables, and
bread often.
Grocery Shopping and Bills
1 bag of flour $1.80
Small measure of potatoes daily at .17 per day $1.19
1/4 lb of tea .38
1 qt milk .56
1 lb cheap coffee .35
Sugar 3 1/2 lb $1.05
1/2 ration meats per week $3.50
4 lb. butter $1.60
2 lb. lard .38
Dried apples for treats .25
Vegetables .50
Soap, starch, pepper, salt, vinegar, etc. $1.00
2 bushels of coal $1.36
Kerosene .30
Sundries .28
Rent $4.00 week
Total $18.50
The average wage earner only made $16.00 a week.
Moat people would use a
horse drawn carriage.
They would ride on dirt or
mud roads that were hard
to get through.
They would also walk to
places when it was close
Boys would go to
school. They would
write with a quill pen.
Girls would stay home
and learn about taking
care of the household.
They knew what to do
around the age of 9.
Homes that were
built in the Greek
Revival style
were popular.
This meant that
homes were
simple yet,
Women’s Clothing
Women wore dresses
with a full length skirt.
They wore bonnets and
aprons as well.
Men’s Clothing
Men wore jackets
with a white button
up shirt underneath.
They wore shorter
pants called breeches.
They wore boots as
their shoes.
Children's Clothing
Little girls wore
dresses and
Little boys wore
pants and a short
Important Events in the 1800’s
In the 1840’s was the time of Manifest Destiny
and the westward movement.
Everyone Stop and look up the definition of
manifest destiny in their books to review what
this is.
Manifest Destiny
This is when people moved to
Texas, Oregon, and California
to discover the new land and to
start a new life.