Class: Geometry Teacher: Mrs. Ward Phone - Hartville R

Class: Geometry Teacher: Mrs. Ward Phone: 741-6223
Conference Period: 4th hour (11:00 am to 11:46 am)
e-mail: [email protected]
Basic Classroom Rules
1. School Policy will be closely followed as outlined in the student handbook
2. Talking will be permitted one at a time
3. Attendance is required, both physical and mental
4. Respect for yourself and others is expected
5. Stay seated until given permission to do otherwise
Geometry Topics
1. Lines and Angles
2. Triangles
3. Quadrilaterals and Circles
4. Area and Volume
Students will be expected to come to class everyday prepared and ready to participate. Students will
need to bring their pencil, paper, and calculator to class everyday. Tardies will be given to students
who continually forget these items. Students will be expected to complete daily homework on time.
Late work will not be accepted. Students may earn up to half credit for their Zero Work.
I will be following the grading scale found in the handbook. Grades will be given for tests, quizzes,
and homework. Homework will be given on a daily basis.
Progress Reports
I will be sending progress reports home with all students approximately three times a quarter. These
progress reports will serve as bonus points for the class. Students will be required to get the report
signed by a parent or guardian and return it the next school day.
I will be following the absentee policy found in the handbook. All students that are absent will be
required to get an admit slip from the office and present it to me. All assignments will be posted on the
white board and students will be expected to be responsible to get and return the assignment.
Disruptive behavior is not tolerated at Hartville School. I do not allow instructional time to be
compromised with disruptions. Depending upon the severity of a disruption, any of the following can
be implemented.
Warning/Reminder of consequences if behavior continues
Disciplinary Consequence assigned by the teacher (i.e. letter of apology, essay, extra work)
Office Referral