On January 18 our executive director, Charly Seale, attended the

On January 18, 2011 EWA Executive Director, Charly Seale, attended the Kendall
County Tea Party meeting at their request to give a formal presentation concerning the
Southern Edwards Plateau-Habitat Conservation Plan (SEP-HCP). His presentation
advised private land owners in Medina, Kerr, Bandera, Comal, Blanco, Kendall, and
Bexar why they should be aware of the back door approach used by the United States
Fish and Wildlife Service in the taking of private land for use as critical habitat for the
Golden Cheek Warbler and Black Capped Vireo. During his presentation he outlined
why Bexar County needs this plan in order to continue to develop land already designated
as critical habitat for these birds.
This same presentation has already been give to the Commissioners Court in Bandera and
Kerr County. As a result the commissioner’s court, from each of these counties, has
signed resolutions advising the Bexar County Citizen’s Advisory Committee that they do
not wish to participate.
For further information on the SEP-HCP please contact the Exotic Wildlife Association
office at 830-367-7761 or go to the EWA website (www.exoticwildlifeassociation.com)
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