To deactivate a student please follow these steps

To deactivate a student please follow these steps
First go to the smart bar and click on that student. Once you are in the students page go to
“Management Roster” and click deactivate a student
After you deactivate students you need to go and delete them from your school. So go back to
“My School” in the “Roster” and then down to advanced settings in the bottom right hand
Click the box to the left of the student you are going to delete. Then below the students name
click on the “Select an Option”
Click on the drop down (or up) menu and choose “deletion” You will be asked if you are sure
you want to delete this student, yes you are. Now you have deleted a student.
If you have a student moving to another school in St. Vrain, PLEASE DO NOT DELETE. Call
Lauren Eker to help you transfer student from one school to another. Or if you think you have
a student who came from another school in SVVSD than call Lauren Eker for help.
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