Picture reveal template

Picture reveal – how to build one
Picture reveal is based on a very simple idea where students test their ability to identify an event, a
sign, a person, a place or a job, in fact any image, as it is uncovered. These instructions are
based on PowerPoint 2000, you might find that later versions of PowerPoint do not exactly
match them.
Print this slide so you have copy of the instructions.
Delete this slide
Save this blank PowerPoint template with a new name. Use the new file to work with.
Delete the image on slide 1.
Copy and paste a new image onto slide 1. Make sure you have permission to use the image.
E.g. if you have a site licence for JED or Careerscape, both programs have lots of images of
work that you could use.
Go to slide 2 and click on one of the squares.
From the Edit menu > Select All, then Copy
Return to slide 1 and Paste the cover squares onto the image. You may need to resize the
image, or crop it, to ensure it is covered by the nine squares.
Go to Insert > Duplicate Slide. This should be added after the slide you are currently working
10. Click on the square you wish to remove and press delete.
11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 until you have uncovered the whole image.
12. You might want to change the text at the foot of the last screen to give the answer.
13. Go to Slide Show > Slide Transition and select the transition that you want, the example given
is Dissolve –slow. Also select the way you want your slides to Advance (On mouse click offers
better control) and then click on Apply to All.
14. Delete the last slide where you copied the cover squares from, Save the file and off you go!
Based on an idea called Undercover that can be found on several American education web sites.
Can you name this job?