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Math Class Academic Goal
All Forms Due by the first week in October
Please forward to each classroom teacher
Goals should be SMART
Specific-not vague or out there in the clouds somewhere
Measurable-able to be evaluated
Actual-something that is of the present moment
Real-doable in your local setting
Time-having an end time, a limit for evaluation
Reviewing the Iowa results of the Core subjects, the Diocese of Allentown
and many of the schools have shown improvement in the area of math. It
is important to continue the focus on this vital area.
Each math classroom teacher should review the individual class results
and subtests to formulate goals that are specific to his/her class. Choose
the areas of greatest need.
Click on the address for your grade range and follow directions on the
Grades K-4
Grades 5-8
Print off two copies of your goals and give one to your principal and
post the second one in your classroom.
The teachers who do not teach math, should choose another area based
on the Iowa or choose a way to assist students in the math areas. For
example, the art teacher may choose to have students use measurement
as they produce their art work.
If you are not a math teacher and another area is chosen, please use the
Non-Math Teacher Goals.