Mise en Place - University of Minnesota Extension

Step 1
Step 2
Plan your work.
Prioritize your work.
Step 6
Set up your work station.
Step 3
Collect tools & preparation equipment.
Mise en Place
Pronounced “meez-ahn-plahs,” this a French phrase
means “to put in place.”
Food professionals use this phrase to describe the
process of setting up everything you'll need to
prepare a dish or menu item.
Everything you prepare in your kitchen is done in
steps. Often, these steps are outlined in a recipe, so
consult it for guidance in conducting your mise en
Step 5
Prep all ingredients.
Step 4
Collect all ingredients for recipe.
Adapted with permission from Technical Assistance tools, part of the Iowa Gold Star Cycle Menus created in 2010 by the Iowa Team Nutrition Project
(Iowa Department of Education) and Iowa State University Extension.
Based on the National Foodservice Management Institute Culinary Technioques for Healthy School Meals.