Academic Session: 2016-17 Class - VIII Holiday Homework Dear

Dr S Radhakrishnan Marg
Dear Students of Class 8,
Academic Session: 2016-17
Class - VIII
Holiday Homework
It’s time for a fun filled and relaxing summer break. However, during the long scorching summer
months, whether you are travelling or at home, time must be spent meaningfully and interestingly
so that you keep in touch with school work and have lots of fun. The teachers have worked upon
some fun ways of keeping you busy!
This year the holiday homework has been divided into three parts.
1. Academic Project for Assessment: There are two projects, one each in Mathematics and
Biology for July. These projects are a part of your Internal Assessment for the first term and
therefore, will be assessed.
2. Fun Projects in Sports: This is a project in Physical Education. It will help you research and
learn more about the field of sports. This is a non- evaluative project.
3. Suggested Activities: activities have been suggested by teachers so that you can enhance
your knowledge without being assessed as these are non- evaluative in nature. Some web
links have been given for you to explore fun ways of learning and enjoy the leisure time in a
constructive manner.
Details of the homework are given below. I hope that you have a wonderfully enriching summer
Warm regards,
Mrs A. Sahgal
1. Choose any author of your choice and read any 2 of his or her work.
Create any one of the following:
Poem based on the book
Book cover
Game based on the book
A series of paintings based on it - minimum four.
Be prepared on an oral review of the books when you come back.
2. Interview your parents / grandparents to find out about the things they used
to do when they were your age which no longer exist/ no longer followed or
Eg. Leisure time activities
Customs practised etc.
Minimum 10 questions.
Make it interesting. Your interview must have a lot of details for the reader to
understand the yesteryears clearly. Have fun!
Following links are for suggested reading:
Revise the following Topics:
1. Rational Numbers
2. Squares & Square Roots
Investigative Mathematics Project from Smart Skills Page 4.
Project Details on Page 4
References and Rubrics on Page 5
Last Date of Submission 15th July, 2016
Work Out Enrichment Activities & puzzles from Smart Skills
Explore Weblinks given under each assignment from Smart Skills
Weblinks for fun games
The class will be divided into 5 groups of six students each by the subject
teacher. The members of each group are instructed to read Conservation of
Plants and Animals, Chapter 7 from SCIENCE NCERT textbook and the handout
given in the Smartskills. They will do research on the topic assigned to them by
the subject teacher. They are also required to collect material like cuttings from
newspaper, magazines, journals, photographs, illustrations or any relevant
material from different sources to make a collage.
The Topic will be assigned to the group by the subject teacher.
The students will be given one period to assemble the collage in the class when
the school re-opens in July. They should be ready with the material by July 8,
A rubric has been enclosed to help you with this work.
Social Science
Do try and read books authored by Subhadra Sengupta or atleast any two from
the Horrible Histories series.
Read any one of the suggested reading :
Le pique-nique, C’est tortue, Une semaine avec grandpapa.
Watch Youtube videos on French conversation on the basis of what has been
done in class.
Coloured A 4 size पर �वद्या अथवा �मत्रता पर श्लोक संकलन अथवा संस्कृत काव्य
�लख कर उसका प्रस्तु�तकरण
१ अ�धकतम एक पृष्ठ अपे��त है
२ मूल्यांकन समय सीमा, प्रस्तु�त एवं �वषय वस्तु के आधार पर �कया जायेगा
३ अं�तम �त�थ ५ जुलाई २०१६ है
Read minimum two easy readers out of the ones mentioned below and write
briefly (in German) which one did you like the best and why:
• Rotkaeppchen
• Schneewittchen
• Aschenputtel
• Haensel und Gretel
• Die Wichtelmaenner
Research and read up on the differences between the Spanish spoken in Spain
and in Latin American countries. Are the differences major or minor? Highlight
the differences and the similarities on an A4 sheet of paper to discuss in class
after the vacations.
This fun filled summer the PE Department would like the students of Middle
School to use their research skills and creative capabilities to get to know a little
more about the games that they love to watch and play. Each student is required
to present his/ her findings in any one of the following ways:
• Poster
• Collage
• Pamphlet
• Sports Magazine
The projects prepared by the students shall be displayed on the Class Notice
Boards or the Notice Boards on the Corridors of the Annexe Block from 3rd July
8 A, B, C
8 D, E, F, G
Sport to Research on
Suggested information
Fundamental skills
Terminology used in the game
Strategies adopted by the players
Important tournaments and players
Any other relevant information
Rubric for Project in Science (Biology):
to Topic
to time limit