Standards-Based Reporting

3. Traditional Letter grades only
provide families and students an idea
of how their child was doing in a
subject without actually delving into
the specific grade level goals and
expectations within each subject.
4. The State of Iowa has joined the
majority of the states in the nation to
adopt the National Common Core
Standards. The state is requiring all
schools to implement and teach to all
of the Iowa Core standards as of 2014.
The standards based report cards give
evidence of this implementation.
Why does
West Sioux Elementary
report this way?
1. West Sioux Elementary is among a
number of schools in the Northwest
Iowa region where report cards are
used to report student growth in the
standards versus success on an overall
subject area.
2. Standard based reporting provides
families and students a closer
understanding of what specific skills a
student is proficient in or needs more
time to become proficient in.
Why haven’t we heard
about this before now?
West Sioux staff began development
of the current report card in 20092010 school year. The report card was
introduced to the 2nd grade in the
2010-2011 school year. (current 4th
grade students)
It has moved up the grades each year
with this same group of students. So
it may be new to some families.
The State requires
mastery of certain skills &
content. An A-F grade
would not show mastery.
What we have…
Transitional Kindergarten-First Grade:
*Skills Based Report Card with
identification of level of mastery.
Second Grade-Fourth Grade:
What we are working on…
The West Sioux Elementary Staff will be refining the
standards based report card to include the skills and
content objectives required in the Iowa Core for each
grade level.
*Standards Based Report Card with
identification of proficiency or nonproficiency of the standard.
Transitional Kindergarten –Fifth Grade will have in
Fifth Grade:
*Standards Based Report Card identifying student
proficiency level on the skills and/or objectives set by the
Iowa Core Standards. This report card will look similar
between grades except for the standards that are
*A-F Subject Grading System
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