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Elementary Mathematics Parent Connection
Kindergarten – Unit 7: Measurement
In this unit your child will work on comparing length, height and weight of objects using nonstandard units. For example,
students can measure two items using small paperclips and decide which one is greater in length.
Describe Measurable Attributes of Objects (length, weight, height)
They may identify measurable attributes such as length, width, height, and weight. For example, when
describing a soda can, a student may talk about how tall, how wide, how heavy, or how much liquid can fit
inside. These are measurable attributes. Non-measurable attributes include: words on the object, colors,
pictures, etc.
Directly Compare Two Objects with a Measurable Attribute in Common
Direct comparisons are made when objects are put next to each other, such as two pencils. A student might say,
“This pencil is longer than this one.” Some of the vocabulary students will use when comparing objects is longer,
shorter, taller, heavier, lighter or wider.
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Helpful Links for work with Vocabulary
used when measuring:
http://goo.gl/obsa1 - An interactive game
that allows students to click pictures of
real world items as indicated by the
measurement vocabulary in the game.
http://goo.gl/i0Mb - A Curious George
interactive game that prompts students to
measure objects with non-standard units.
https://goo.gl/sySGTt - A cartoon video of
a class learning how to measure items
within their classroom. The video discusses
measurement rules and misconceptions.
Purposeful Practice
Have your child trace their foot with chalk on the sidewalk. Then trace a friend’s foot. Have the child compare,
which foot is longer? Which foot is shorter?
Sort a bag of candy, such as M&M’s by color. Count each color. Which color has the most? Which color has the
Use a household item such as shoes to measure the length or width of the couch, the bed, or the dining room
Measure the distance from the car to the front door, the bedroom to the kitchen, or the living room to the
bathroom with footsteps.