Associate Selection and Placement policy

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Associate Selection and Placement
Management Approved
Policy Owner:
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Approved by:
WFH President and CEO
Effective: December 1, 2011
It is the policy of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare (WFH) to follow the practices below in screening,
selecting and placing associates. As an equal opportunity employer, it is the practice of WFH to
recruit job applicants and promote associates without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age,
disability, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, national origin or any protected
classification. Additionally, WFH conducts employment, recruitment and selection activities for all
job applicants in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and the standards of all
regulating and licensing bodies.
The practices outlined in this policy are intended to ensure that each job applicant receives fair and
objective consideration based on their qualifications, and each considered applicant has been
through a thorough screening process including: interviewing, testing (where applicable),
referencing, license verification, criminal background checks, Federal Sanction checking, preemployment drug testing, and pre-placement physical assessment in accordance with the Preplacement Health Assessment policy insure that the selected job applicant has the knowledge,
skills and abilities needed to perform the essential functions of the job for which they are being
considered. WFH also strives to hire and/or promote individuals who are qualified by virtue of their
experience, skills, training, and ability to meet the requirements of the position.
WFH will not employ or contract with individuals who are sanctioned, debarred or otherwise
excluded from participation in federal or state health care programs. Furthermore, WFH will
terminate employment or contract agreements with any individuals or independent contractors who
have been sanctioned, debarred or otherwise excluded from federal or state health care programs.
Our Mission and Values call us to Respect the importance of individual and organizational
development. This policy encourages us to maintain our Integrity by selecting only qualified job
applicants and promoting from within whenever appropriate.
This policy applies to WFH job applicants in the owned and managed organizations.
1. Human Resources (HR) faciltates the recruitment process, ensuring each job applicant is given
fair and objective consideration.
2. Associates who are displaced from their current positions through no fault of their own, including
individuals displaced due to worker's compensation injuries, are given first consideration in filling
open positions in accordance with the policy on Staff Reduction/Replacement and Severance/
Outplacement Benefits
3. All job applicants must complete the required online application for employment. To be
considered a job applicant, the individual must indicate interest in a specific position posted by
WFH. HR will not consider job applicants who submit unsolicited resumes or applications
expressing interest in “any available position.”
Associate Selection and Placement
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4. Internal job applicants will receive strong consideration during the recruitment and selection
process, but will be required to submit an application(s) for available position(s) in accordance
with the Intra-Facility Inter-Regional Transfer Policy.
5. Employment of relatives will be considered when appropriate, and in accordance with the policy
on Employment of Relatives.
6. HR conducts preliminary interviews with selected job applicants, and as necessary conducts
appropriate employment tests prior to referring job applicants for interviews by a hiring leader.
7. HR and the hiring leader will conduct appropriate interviews and determine final job applicants
for available positions.
8. HR will conduct reference checking on final job applicants.
9. HR will manage the process of offering positions in conjunction with the hiring leader. Offers of
employment will be conditional upon but not limited to: successful completion of the preemployment physical, drug screen, criminal background check, federal sanctions check,
additional references, licensure, certification, and education verifications and any other required
pre-employment credentialing or other information gathering (e.g., I-9 Forms).
10. Offers may be rescinded at any time prior to start date, or start dates may be delayed if
requirements are not met prior to scheduled start date.
11. All job applicants will be subject to criminal background screening as required by the state in
which the job applicant will be hired.
12. In no event shall offers of employment be considered as creating a contractual relationship and
unless otherwise provided in writing by a formal employment agreement, the employment
relationship is deemed at-will and may be terminated at any time by either party for any reason
or no reason.
13. When a position has been filled, HR will inform, either verbally or in writing, all job applicants
who participated in an interview but were not selected.
WFH-Iowa: HR 011; HR 008; WFH-SE WI (Mke): II. B. 1.0 & policy 1.2; Marianjoy: 971;
WFH All Saints: Applications/Resumes, Acceptance of and Recruitment; Selection of
Associates WFH-Corp Services Pre employment and employment policies
Cross reference:
Employment of Relatives policy
Intra-Facility Inter-Regional Transfer Policy.
Pre-placement Health Assessment Policy
Rehire Guidelines Policy
Staff Reduction/Replacement and Severance/Outplacement Benefits
Review Period:
One (1) year
Original Policy Date:
August 16, 2005
Dates Updated:
October 1, 2007; January 1, 2010; December 1, 2011
Associate Selection and Placement
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