Welcome to our Classroom

Welcome to our Classroom!
Dear Parents,
My name is Linda Gillespie and I am very excited to be your child’s teacher.
I have worked for SVUSD in the Autism Program since 2003. Prior to that,
I worked with children with moderate to severe disabilities for 9 years in
Oregon and Utah.
In our classroom we work in small group settings of a 2:1 to a 3:1 ratio. Our
program is language based so we continually work on language skills while
working on various activities throughout the day. We also address the areas
of Pre-academics, gross and fine motor, social skills and self-help.
We are located in the portables, P7 and P8. Please remember that you need
to check in at the office to sign in and get a visitor sticker before visiting
the classroom. Also if your child is tardy please check in at the office. We
cannot accept students into the room after the school day has started
without you first signing in at the main office. You must also follow this
procedure if you need to pick up your child early. This policy is to ensure
the safety of your children.
Your child will bring home a notebook each day in his/her backpack. We will
use this as a means of communication between home and school. Please feel
free to share your child’s experiences, progress or any concerns or changes
that may impact your child’s day. I feel communication with our parents and
families is vital for your child’s positive school experience. Often, it is
difficult to write in the communication notebooks while the students are at
school, so email is another good way to contact me. I check my email daily,
so please feel free to email me at [email protected]
If your child is not completely potty trained, please send a supply of
diapers/pull-ups, and baby wipes. Because accidents do happen and children
will get dirty from time to time, it would be helpful to send at least one
complete change of clothing to school. We can keep it in the child’s
bathroom cubby or just leave it in their backpacks, whichever you prefer.
Please label all your child’s belongings.
We eat two different times during the day, snack and a lunch. Please send
two drink items as well as enough food for both meals. Logistically it is very
difficult for our staff to reheat and prepare lunches for large numbers of
students each day. We request that you send simple, ready to eat snacks
and lunches and limit those items that need to be reheated. Please
remember to provide any utensils that your child may need. Your child also
has the option of buying a lunch from the school. Lunch menus are available
on the SVUSD website. You may send money with your child or purchase
lunch tickets in advance. If you choose to buy lunch for your child please
remember to also send a healthy snack.
The following is a schedule of our day:
Unpack backpacks/bathroom
Small groups (IEP goals)
Small group work
Play skills/social skills/art
*Our schedule may change throughout the year.
I post our monthly newsletter on my website at the beginning of each month.
Please take the time to read these letters to learn about the fun activities
we will be participating in and the songs and books we will be sharing.
We will have monthly meetings where you will be able to observe your child in
his/her preschool setting. During this time we will be able to discuss any
progress, concern and next steps.
I look forward to working with you and your child this year. With your
support I know your child will have a wonderful preschool experience.
Linda Gillespie
Tell Me About Your Child
Child’s Name: ____________________________________
Mother’s Name: ___________________________________
Father’s Name: ____________________________________
Email Address: ____________________________________
List siblings and their ages:
Is your child toilet trained? _____________ if not, describe assistance needed and words used.
Does your child have any special fears?
What are your child’s favorite activities?
What motivates your child?
What kinds of things upset your child? ______________________________________________
List five words that best describe you child’s character.
Are there neighborhood playmates?
If so, what age children does your child usually play with?
What is the method of behavior control used in your home? _____________________________
What do you hope will be included in your child’s preschool program?