Welcome to 3rd Grade Parent Orientation


Welcome to




Parent Orientation

Take Home Folders

• Take Home folders will be sent home weekly. The purpose of Take Home

Folders is to keep you up-to-date on your child’s classroom performance.

Please keep your child’s papers at home, sign the sheet, and return the folder on the following school day.


• The agenda is a tool to provide students the responsibility of recording daily assignments.

• It is a tool which provides daily communication between parent and teacher.

• Students are required to write their assignments in their agenda each day.

• The agenda should be signed daily by the teacher and parent.

• The agenda should be brought to school every day.

Monday, August 8

• Reading: Placement test

• Language:

• Math: p. 2 #5-15

• Science:

• Social Studies:

• Spelling: rainbow spell words


Free and Reduce lunch: applications can be done online.

(Must pay until approval is official)

Charges: combined breakfast and lunch charges cannot exceed

$7.75. An alternative meal will be offered until account is paid.

Cost: Breakfast $1.25

Lunch $2.00

Money: Grades 3-5 will be responsible for taking their money to the cafeteria during their lunch time. Meal Pay Plus

Program is an online means of paying and managing your child’s account. Send money in a sealed envelope with name and amount written on the outside.

Lunch with child:

Parents/visitors will be able to eat lunch with their child after

Labor Day.

Car Rider Drop Off


• Car riders are dropped off and picked up in the back of the school. Car riders use

Parsons Rd. to enter and exit campus. The front drive is for buses only.

• Doors open at 7:15 a.m.

Students arriving early to school will sit in a line outside their classroom until the 7:45 bell.

Tardy/Early dismissal:

Students not in their classroom at 8:00 a.m. will be considered tardy. Checking your child out early is also documented as a tardy.

Behavior Management Plan

“The Wildcat Way”

• Students will bring home a copy of our

Classroom Expectations and rewards/consequences for following those expectations.

• Students have a Behavior Tracking Chart where they will receive stickers for school attendance and following expectations.

• At the end of nine weeks students who have filled their Behavior Tracking Chart will attend the ROAR Celebration.

Outside Reading

• We expect your child to read at least 10-

15 minutes every evening (Mon.-Thurs.).

The only way to become a stronger reader is to read. Books, magazines, newspaper, etc… are acceptable and can only make them better readers.

• Please document the time your child spends reading each night in the agenda along with your signature.

• Students can earn an extra sticker for their Behavior Chart by getting parents to log their time in the agenda or reading log.

Snack and Rewards

• Students may supply their own snack daily.

We ask that the snack be healthy.

• Students will have an opportunity to purchase snacks for $0.50 from the school snack cart.

• Students may bring bottled water.

• We need rewards for the students: stickers, individually wrapped candy, small toys, bookmarks, etc…


• If you plan on visiting the classroom, eating lunch with, or checking your child out early you are required to have a picture I.D. in the office.


• Medication MUST be signed in through the front office by the parent or guardian. The nurse will give Tylenol or Advil for temps over

102. Benadryl will only be given in an emergency. Tums, cough drops, and meds for headaches will not be given out to children this year.

Absence and


• If your child is absent from school please send a note for the office stating the reason for their absence.

• Send all money to school in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, the amount, and what it is for written on the outside.

Grading Scale

• Third Grade Grading Scale:

• 93-100 = A

• 85-92 = B

• 75-84 = C

• 70-74 = D

• 69 and below = F


• Homework is an extension of daily classroom assignments.

• Most homework is unfinished class work.

However, they may be assigned homework for extra practice.

• Check the agenda daily for homework assignments. (circled assignments need to be completed at home)

Other Information

• All classrooms are in need of tennis balls.

• Scholastic Book Orders will be sent home periodically.

• Be on the lookout for PTO information.

Wish List

• Tennis balls

• Individually wrapped candy

• Colored copy paper

• White copy paper

• Band-Aids

• Small prizes (treat box)