When children stay full time at school they bring a packed lunch

When children stay full time at school they bring a packed lunch. The
children eat their lunches in the hall and sometimes during the summer
term, outside, if the weather is warm enough. A lunch time assistant is
allocated to each class to supervise the children during the lunch hour.
Please check that children’s lunchboxes are named.
We encourage healthy eating in our school through our PHSE curriculum.
Water is available to drink but alternative must be stored in a watertight
and unbreakable container, (glass bottles or cans of fizzy drinks are not
Lunch-time commences at 12.O0pm and finishes at 1.O0pm, during this
time the children are in the dining room for half an hour and spend the
other half of the lunchtime period in the playground.
Children are encouraged to eat their lunch in the time allocated. Some
children are slow eaters and are given extra time within the lunch-break
to enable them to eat up their food. Any food that is not consumed in
school is sent home in the lunchbox to enable parents to monitor what
their child is eating.
The lunch-time supervisors support the children while they are eating
their lunch and then supervise them in the playground. There are
members of staff who are fully qualified in First Aid and are guided by
the school’s policies and procedures.
During the warmer weather the children have a variety of outdoor
activities provided for them including a ‘Gardening Club’.
Parents on Income Support qualify for a free packed lunch.