- Regenerating the Damaged Bone Tissues, Latest

Regenerating the Damaged Bone Tissues, Latest Medical
If you ever experience bone damage due to a disease or trauma then don't
worry, the same can be now repaired with the help of medical sciences.
Scientists from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) have come
up with a gene therapy, with the help of which, duplicate copies of real bone
tissues can be developed now. These tissues are useful for regenerating the
bones that have got damaged.
This therapy basically includes the application of synthetic bone graft
substitute material which along with the gene therapy tends to recover all
those lost areas of bones that are essential for movement.
After a long research, scientists have discovered a pioneering scaffold
material which is made from collagen and nano-sized particles of
hydroxyapatite. This substance features such characteristics that magnetize
the body's own cells and then further with the help of gene therapy succeeds
in repairing the bones of injured area.
By nature, the cells of a bone are blessed with the ability to overproduce bone
producing proteins, which are known as BMPs. In addition, these are effective
enough to encourage the re-growth of healthy bone tissues also. Therefore at
the time of bone damage, they can be used to regenerate tissues in any parts
of the body.