Dr Richard L Williams

Research Institute for Science &
Technology in Medicine
MSc Cell & Tissue Engineering /
Biomedical Engineering Seminar Programme
Dr. Richard L. Williams
Tissue Regeneration and Interface Lab (TRAIL)
University of Birmingham
“Designing Materials to Maximise
Regenerative Potential”
Wednesday 25th February 2015, 12.00 noon
Guy Hilton Research Centre, Thornburrow Drive, Hartshill
Biomaterials have revolutionised the treatment of patients following tissue damage and have enhanced
quality of life for many. However, in many cases tissue grafts remain the gold standard for tissue repair as
they exhibit the structure and composition of the tissue they replace. The interplay between tissue
composition and structure is plays a fundamental role in tissue function – from the hierarchical nanoscale
structure of bone aiding in force dissipation, to the alignment of collagen aiding light transmission through
the cornea. With an ever-ageing population and limited supply of donor tissue, the demand for new
strategies for repairing organs and tissues is growing rapidly. We can mimic tissue composition, but
replicating or re-establishing tissue structure is a significant challenge.
This talk will outline the novel methods our research group has developed for tissue regeneration which
consider and exploit the biology of tissue maintenance and healing in addition to the influence it will have
on a biomaterial. Examples will include our current strategies for regenerating bone, tendon/ligament and
skin and map the route from benchtop science towards clinical translation.