1999 University of Reading Annual Meeting 7th

ICER 2012: Challenging Education for Future Change: September 8-9, 2012, KKU, Thailand
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Sumalee Chaijaoren (icer-kku@hotmail.com)
Associate Professor, Educational Administration Program, Faculty of Education Khon Kaen
University, THAILAND
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1. Professional Development (pre-service and in-service)
2. Curriculum and Instruction, Learning in classroom contexts
3. Educational Measurement and Evaluation
4. Educational Climate: cultural and social context
5. Educational management: planning, policy implementation and assessment
6. Lifelong Education: non-formal and informal learning
7. Education for Diversities: gender, underprivileged, marginal groups, special needs
Please send the completed Abstract Submission form to icer-kku@hotmail.com before July 15, 2012