E- Commerce

E- Commerce
What is E-Commerce ?
E-commerce stands for Electronic Commerce,
which is related to selling and buying any kinds of goods
through the nets. From this process, you will save your
time because you can do it while you are staying
at home.
Basic Terminology and Background
Clear text
Cipher text
Clear text
Kinds of Services
Business - to - consumer
Business - to - business
Business - to - government
Consumer - to - consumer
The E-Commerce Market in Thailand
Nowadays the market of E-commerce in Thailand
is expanding rapidly. This causes a high competition in
our country.
Jewelry, frozen food and textiles are examples of
target goods to expand our market to other parts of
the world. Other promising goods are agricultural
products and handicraft.
What is EDI ?
EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange)
is a kind of systems to interchange
between one computer to another computer.
Important Characteristics
It reduces any faults about data.
Using the computer directly is cheaper.
It can save time and cut the amount of data down
because it uses codes instead of texts.
Main Service
Following are some characteristics of its main service:
 The computer expenses are cheaper and
more efficient.
 There is an advance in communication.
 There is an expansion of business.
 It responds to the needs of clients immediately.
Main Service (con.)
 It prepares and translates data in an international
 standard.
 It sends data to a service center.
 The receiver contacts the service center to
receive EDI data.
 Then the receiver re-translates the data into its
 system.
Benefits of EDI
 It is convenient.
It reduces time.
 It uses less paper so it can help the
Commercial Web
Commercial Web
Commercial Web
Chotika Viriyarattanasak (chotika_v@hotmail.com)
Rattanawan Jansasithorn (Rattanawan_j@hotmail.com)
Surudee Chattvimongkol (s_mieaw@hotmail.com)
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