Week of September 6th –9th

Week of September 1st –4th
Dear Parents:
Welcome to 2nd Grade !
Today we will be discussing our theme for the year, “We are many yet we
are one”. We will talk about this theme and how it applies to 2nd grade. We will
also be learning about our SLEs and creating our community of learner goals for
the class on Tuesday.
Each month, your child will receive a reading log. This month’s reading log
is due on Thursday Oct 1st. Please initial each sun flower for each day that your
child reads for at least 20 minutes (or more!). This can be you reading to your
child, your child reading aloud to you, and your child reading quietly to
themselves. All variations are acceptable. If the reading log is turned in on time
with your initials on each flower, your child will receive a reading log certificate of
Each week, there will be a homework packet. The Math Connections book
will be sent home today with your child. Please check the newsletter each week to
see which pages must be completed. On occasion, there will be additional math
practice stapled to the packet as well. Each math worksheet reinforces what is
taught during the week. Phonics work and occassionally science work will also be
sent home as well. This will start next week. Packets are due on Fridays, or on
Thursday if Friday is an inservice or holiday. Please make sure that you look over
your child’s work before turning in the packet.
OLL special hot lunch will not begin until October so please make sure that
your child has a “cold” lunch on Thursdays. Also, make sure your child has a
snack each day and a full water bottle.
Please check the school or class website for details or email if you have
questions or concerns. [email protected]
Curriculum night is on Thursday Sept. 10th at 7:30 am
Have a great week!
Ms. Portelance
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