Scotiabank Volunteers With Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement of British Columbia
For more than 50 years Junior Achievement of British Columbia (JABC) has been engaging local business
and community leaders in its mission to inspire and educate young British Columbians to succeed in the
global economy by providing them with opportunities to experience free enterprise; understand business and
economics; and develop entrepreneurial, financial literacy and leadership skills. JABC reaches over 18,000
students annually with the help of 1,400 dedicated business volunteers.
Economics for Success (EFS) Program
Economics for Success gives students a new perspective on how informed choices can jump-start their
future. This program encourages students to reflect on the advantages of remaining in school by
understanding the financial constraints of independence and the importance of career planning and goal
Responsibilities and Activities
Work with a volunteer partner to facilitate the EFS program in a classroom
Bring practical and personal business expertise to the students
Help students develop confidence, leadership and critical thinking skills
Communicate with volunteer partner and JA staff in a timely manner
Working Conditions
In a supervised classroom with a group of up to 30 Grade 9 or 10 students
At a local middle or high school for a full morning or afternoon or shorter multi day visits
Teach a program that utilizes your skills and aptitudes
Become a role model for tomorrow’s workforce
Develop your presentation and facilitation skills
Network with members of the business and education communities
Program training and materials will be provided by JA
Complete an online registration form at:
Attend a 90 minute training session
Review lessons in advance (estimated 1-2 hours needed)
Connect with volunteer partner to prepare for the delivery (if applicable)
Your own transportation to and from the school
Volunteer Impact
“The volunteers gave us a lot of tips on how to be successful, budget money, and find your career and what you may be
good at.”
- Killarney School student
“Company volunteers were awesome! They made excellent connections between personal experiences and the subject
- Harold Panabaker teacher
Volunteer Checklist
Before Delivery (Presentation) Day:
Sign up to volunteer with your company’s lead Junior Achievement (JA) contact
Submit an online registration at:
Complete a 1 hour program training facilitated by a JA staff
Review program lessons, JA PowerPoint presentation (if applicable), and prepare personal stories to share
with students
 Connect with your partner to prepare for the delivery
 Notify JA if you have any dietary restrictions (select deliveries will include lunch)
 Review the delivery Agenda sent by JA staff, one to two weeks prior to your delivery day
Delivery Morning – half hour before the first bell:
 Arrive at the school for the time as noted on the Agenda
 Make your way to the JA meeting area (office, staff room or library). A JA staff or school staff will meet
you and take you to the classroom where the material bag will be waiting for you
 Introduce yourself to the teacher and inquire about:
 Classroom rules and procedures
 Students’ learning styles and any learning disabilities
 Allergies (if you brought treats)
 Preferred group assignments
 Check if the teacher has the JA PowerPoint presentation setup (if applicable)
 Assign a student helper to handout a Student Work Book and a Tent Card to each student or feel free to
do this as the students are coming in to the classroom
 Introduce yourself to the students and set the ground rules for the delivery
End of Delivery:
Hand out the certificates and student surveys (if they have been included in the bag)
Pack up all unused/leftover materials into the JA bag and return it to the JA staff or the teacher
Join JA staff, volunteers, and teachers for lunch (if provided)
Sign out at the main office (if applicable) and enjoy the rest of your day
 Share the successes, as well as areas for improvement to your JA program manager
 Recruit a friend and sign up for your next delivery