Tarbert and Skipness Community Trust, minute of meeting held 9th

Tarbert and Skipness Community Trust, minute of Board meeting held
28th February 2012, TALC, Tarbert.
Jane Cowen, Jim Morrison, Bob Chicken, Robert McPhail, Phil Robertson,
Melissa James
Gwyn Abernethy., Jim Curnyn, Alex Horn, Anne Horn, Lynn Clarke
In attendance
Heather Goodchild, Jim Paterson
Minute of meeting of 17th January 2012
The minutes were accepted as a true record.
Matters arising
There were no matters arising
1. Letter from Scott Woods 25th February 2012 informing Trust that he
can no longer offer his business premises as the Registered office of
the Trust. Jane will ask John Hardie if William Duncan will be the
registered address.
2. Commission on Rural Education public meeting 7th March in
Lochgilphead Joint Campus. Melissa will attend and report back to
3. Scottish Government, Rural and Environment Directorate, letter from
Ian Heron informing the trust that the form of words used in Articles 64
and 65 do not reflect the requirements of the Land Reform (Scotland)
2003 Act. Unless TSCT wants to purchase land under the Land
Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 we will continue with the M & As agreed at
the AGM of 06-12-2012.
4. Notice of the Community Land Scotland Conference 13 and 14th
March 2012, Mull.
5. Notice of Engaging Communities in Climate Change Conference, 3rd
6. Notice of Argyll and Bute Community Planning Partnership Funding
Conference 17th March 2012, Lochgilphead
7. Notice of Scottish Sea Farms Heart of the Community grants
8. Notice of Scottish Government Coastal communities Fund
9. Information regarding Simon McIntyre, Vision Mechanics, large scale
puppet community events. Melissa suggested the company can be
used for a “Magnus Barefoot” event to coincide with the castle reopening and Commonwealth games
Financial report
TSCT account:
 Currently there is £6,634 in this account.
 The form for Internet banking has been submitted to the bank
Castle account:
 The account stands at ~£95,000; of this £85,000 is money on loan from
the community.
 The account is currently awaiting repayment on £71,000 from SRDP
(Scottish Rural development Programme)
Climate Challenge Fund – Local produce
 Local Produce has ~£7,000 in the account plus £7,000 from Leader
Fund. See report with minutes.
2010-2011 Accounts
William Duncan and Co has completed accounts. The accounts were
signed by Jane Cowen and Robert McPhail. Jane will contact Alex for
his signature.
John Hardie notes that:
1. An overall financial director should be appointed to have overall
financial responsibility. Bob Chicken agreed to be financial
director after May 2012.
2. Record keeping should be maintained consistently, in a suitable
3. The Trust must take greater responsibility for the accounting
records we wish to use as a basis of our financial statements
Membership subscriptions
2 letters will be prepared
1. Thank those paying by standing order and give date for accounts being
2. Membership subscription notice to include changes made at AGM of
6th December 2012
Following general discussion the Trust will consider the best way to ensure
Memberships are paid
Nomination of new members to TSCT
At the AGM of 6th December 2012 the following members were nominated
Jonathan Waxman, (associate member), David Bridge, Valerie Wells, Jim
Curnyn, Lynn Clarke, Phil Robertson.
The above members were all approved by the meeting.
Current Project Updates
Tarbert and Skipness Community Renewables
TSCT wind turbine, Corranbuie.
We are still waiting for CES (Community Energy Scotland) to erect
the Met masts. There will only be one met mast as the other site is
not suitable.
An application will be made to the FLAG fund for £10,000 to match
the CARES loan.
Further progress on this turbine might require a second community
ballot in order to secure the land from FC.
Allt Dearg
1st phase will be running by end of 2012.
8th March 2012 meeting with James Lithgow to formalise the offer to
TSCT, Jim and Robert to attend
Tarbert Castle
Castle report enclosed with these minutes
Robert is preparing a SCIO for the castle with Sheila Campbell, Jim
Morrison, Robert McPhail, Duncan MacGregor, and Lynne Clark as
interim trustees.
A SCIO is a simple Incorporated Trust to hold the castle in
ownership of the community administered by a board of trustees
Local Produce
Local Produce report enclosed with this minute.
The first visit to Sweden is in late May. Melissa will check with the
school to see if 5th and 6th year students can take part in the project
and the exchange.
Junior Activities
The information on the Archaeology project, Adopt a Monument and
their relevance to Curriculum for Excellence has been passed on to
May Taylor
Heather’s report
See report attached with minutes.
Heather only has 1 month left to work for TSCT
 Development of an additional path is included in the Community Plan
to link Carrick Cemetery with the Corranbuie footpath. This would
create a circular route and landowners approval still require. There is
a possibility of using the old West Loch Road.
Date of next meeting
Tuesday 17th April 2012