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Stirling Management Centre
Friday, 14th November 2014
We are hosting the 3rd Scottish Cancer Clinical Research Conference on Fri 14th Nov 2014.
Delegates from the cancer clinical research community in Scotland and UK-wide are invited.
Registration if free-of-charge to all academic/NHS delegates.
The final programme is not finalised but will include the following areas:
•Cancer Imaging
•Precision Medicine in Cancer
•Translational Medicine
•The Farr Institute (UK Health Informatics Research Institute)
•Scottish Government Detect Cancer Early Programme
There will be parallel workshop sessions covering the following topics:
•Practical Effective Steps to Improve Trial Quality from Audit Findings
•Clinical Research Workshop
Closing Remarks to be Delivered by Professor Andrew Morris, Scotland’s Chief Scientist.
The final programme will be available in April 2014.
Please save this date in your diary and forward on to any colleagues who you think may be
interested in this Conference.
For further information please contact:
Joanna Dunlop, Principal Trial Coordinator, ISD Cancer Clinical Trials Team,
Edinburgh (partner in CaCTUS), [email protected]
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