terms and conditions here

1. The Fixed Price includes:
Pre-operative assessment
Theatre Fees
Nursing Care
Services of Resident Medical Officer (if required)
Post-operative outpatient physiotherapy (if required)
Surgical appliances and prostheses (except where stated)
Hospital charges for one out-patient visit following discharge for removal of
stitches or wound dressing
Consultant Surgeon fees for your day-patient care and one follow-up outpatient
appointment after your surgery
Consultant Anaesthetist fees
Any other services specified in our quotation letter
2. The Fixed Price excludes (unless stated in your written quotation):
Out-patient consultations either before or after your day-patient care (unless
specified in the above list)
Outpatient diagnostic services
Out-patient physiotherapy before admission.
Journeys by taxi
3. The price covers the treatment or condition for which you are originally admitted
and related complications only. Should you be found, at either pre-operative
assessment, or on admission, to have a pre-existing condition which requires
additional treatment this will be discussed with you by a member of staff. Under
these circumstances a Fixed Price treatment package may not be the most
appropriate option for you, and we will discuss other options with you.
4. It is important that you tell us about any pre-existing conditions, as your Fixed Price
is based on the information you have given us. The Edinburgh Clinic reserves the
right to terminate the Fixed Price Agreement immediately in the event of your
failure to disclose any pre-existing condition known to you.
5. The price only covers care provided at The Edinburgh Clinic itself and not at any
other unit.
6. Fixed Price treatment ends on the hospital discharge by our nurses.
7. In the event that you have to be re-admitted in respect of a related complication,
the original price will cover your hospital charges including consultant surgeon and
anaesthetists fees. You will be covered provided that you are re-admitted within 30
days of your original hospital discharge.
8. The hospital will expect the price to be paid in full before admission and before
treatment is given. Failure to make payment prior to admission may result in the
cancellation of your procedure. Payment can be made by cash, credit card, personal
cheque, company cheque, bankers or building society cheque. Cheques must be
received at the hospital at least five banking days prior to admission. Any personal
charges must be paid on discharge.
9. The hospital reserves the right to refuse Fixed Price Treatment.
10. The hospital has insurance cover in place for all aspects of your treatment. Any
surgeon, anaesthetist or other consultants concerned with your care are not
employed by the hospital, and have their own insurance cover.