Form submission & Confirm Admission Process

Shivaji University, Kolhapur
How To Do Admissions of Students Whose Online
Application Are Submitted In Your College
• Submit Application form
• Confirm Application form
• Verify the Information filled by Students, if
required Modify any information like Personal
Details, Photo Sign, Paper Selection, etc.
• Fill Fees Details
• Print Eligibility Form and get it verified by
• Submit Eligibility Data to University
Visit to and login with your
college id and password
Click on “Admissions” Tab
Click on “Application Form Management” Link
Click on “Form Submission”
Select Course Name
Enter application form number or select student from
given list
Click on “Submit Application”
You have to Confirm the Admissions of the Students Whose
Application Forms are Submitted. For that, Click on “Confirm
Admission” Link
Select Course
Enter Form Number or Select student from List
Click on “Confirm Admission”
Now, Enter the Fee details Click on Search Student Link
Enter Student Form No
To Complete the Admission Process, Enter receipt number, date
and select appropriate eligibility fee category and check TOTAL,
then click on Proceed
Foreign / NRI Students
Now admission process is completed and student is admitted in
your College.
Thank You