Higher Human Biology
Course Information
1 – Physiology and Health (Unit 2 in textbook)
2 – Human Cells (Unit 1 in textbook)
3 – Neurobiology and Communication
4 – Immunology and Public Health
Physiology and Health
June - Oct
• 2 parts
– Reproduction
• Reproductive organs and hormonal control
• Biology of fertility control
• Ante- and postnatal screening
– Cardiovascular system
• Structure of the CV system
• CV system in action
• CV disease, diabetes and obesity
Human Cells
Oct – December
Differentiation and stem cells
DNA and replication
RNA, transcription and translation
Proteins, mutations and genetic disorders
Human genomics
Metabolism and enzyme
Cellular respiration
Unit 3
Neurobiology and Public Health
Nervous system
Nerve cells and neural pathways
Neurotransmitters, mood and behaviour
Communication and social behaviour
Effect of experience on group behaviour
Unit 4
Immunology and Public Health
Immune system
Specific cell defences
Infectious diseases and epidemiology
Herd immunity and antigenic variation
• Internal assessment
– Outcome 1
• An experiment in class with a write up written under
exam conditions
• Outcome 2
– 2.1 – making accurate statements
– 2.4 – solving problems
• These are covered by set of questions at the end of
each unit (similar to NABS)
• 2.2 - Describing an application
• 2.3 – Describing a biological issue in terms of
the effect on the environment/society
• Covered by a piece of research written up
under exam conditions
External Assessment
• Course assignment task
• Exam
• Textbook
– You will have your own textbook for the duration
of the course
• School website
– There is a higher human biology page in the
biology section
– This will be built up as the course progresses
– It will have links to SQA information about the
course and class resources as I produce them.
• Glossary
– Learning vocabulary is a huge part of the course –
I have produced booklets of key words for each
• Case studies
– you will learn some of the content through a case
study approach – more on this when we reach
• Guest speakers
– Some of the course will be delivered through visits
to the class by speakers who work in health care
– These visits will also give you the chance to ask
questions about careers you may be interested in.
• Email
– I have set up an email address for the members of
the class to contact me for any reason (help with
homework, submitting pieces of work, asking for
work if absent etc)
It is;
[email protected]
Please make a note of it in your jotter
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